Dresden Files Alert

There’s a new short story coming out in the Dresden Files universe: the Heroic Hearts anthology edited by Jim Butcher and Kerrie Hughes!

It’s going to star Major General of the ‘Za Lord’s Guard Toot-Toot Minimus! And the Dread Beast Mister!

It’s out FREAKING MAY OF 2022

(I bet it wouldn’t take Brandon Sanderson that long.)

Poetry Corner – Rung Ho!

Wolf met wolf in the dawning day 
Where scent hung sweet over trodden clay, 
And square each stood in the jungle way 
Eyeing the other with ears laid back. 
Still were the watchers. When foe greets foe 
The wisest are quietest. Better to go-- 
Who stays to watch trouble woos trouble! But lo! 
They trotted together to hunt one doe, 
Eyeing each other with ears laid back.

- Talbot Mundy, Chapter Heading from Rung Ho!

Mentally Tired Read/Watchlist

– Eight Days of Luke – Diana Wynne Jones – a nice, relaxing old stand-by. I really like this book.
– Spinning Silver – Naomi Novik – also a relaxing, low-stakes fantasy novel that’s joining the I’m-tired-and-need-to-relax rotation.
– You’re Stepping On My Cloak and Dagger – Roger Hall –  This guy joined the OSS during WW2 and, unwillingly, ended up flying a desk for most of it. Highlight: He gets the assignment to be dropped behind enemy lines and take over leadership of a guerilla group…except by the time he got there the lines had moved and he was back in American territory again. Heh. Also, he ends up accepting German surrenders in Hell. 
– Byzantium – Judith Herrin – is one of the things I lack the fortitude to actually power through right now.


– Taking Lives – an early-2000s movie starring Angelina Jolie and Ethan Hawke. It’s mostly interesting because Ethan Hawke is very handsome and Angelina Jolie is…Angelina. Other than that the plot falls apart when you think about it for more than ten seconds and the characters are more a collection of quirks, twitches, and mannerisms than actual characterization.

– Want to watch: The Wolf of Snow Hollow appears to be available…

everybody should have goats

“Yeah, she’s got PBGVs.”
“Petit Brussels Griffon Vendeens.”
“Yep, and the Grande…the GPV….somethings.”
“The ones with the acronym I can’t even remember? They’re fancy Basset Hounds, basically.”
“Yeah. Also she’s got [x] and [y].”
“Oooh, nice.”
“And a camel.”
“And goats.”
“Everyone should have a few goats to add complexity to their life!”

“Is that your real hair?”
“Can I pull it to make sure?”
“At least she asked first.”


Aniuqi had been “Sycamore” to her father ever since she had been old enough to escape her nurses and gallop about outside–usually directly to the practice yards–or tread on his heels when he passed through the stables and be knocked about, gently, by his sleek, massive hounds. Ostensibly it was because she would grow up tall and graceful, gracious and lofty. In fact, it was because her skin burnt in patchy red and white blotches and peeled off in chunks, which she had diligently, as a child, collected.


  • Be professional. Wear pants.
  • No, you cannot sell cookies at the conference.
  • Don’t talk too fast; it prevents the fishy and/or bewildered looks from registering.
  • A silent glare isn’t actually a good sign, but in certain circumstances consider it an honor.
  • Communicate with your coworkers and supervisors sooner rather than later. Especially if you think someone’s going to complain.
  • In this case, it was while getting out of the driveway.
  • Also, read your bloody notes ahead of time.
  • One missed phone call is chance. Twice is coincidence. Four straight to voicemail means they’re definitely running mad.
  • When conversation lags, “What the hell is wrong with people?” is always a good one.