Quick Review – Wake of the Red Witch

John Wayne stars as Ralls (full name: Captain Ralls), who sinks the eponymous Red Witch along with her cargo of buillion…but not for the money. He and his sidekicks are hounded and hunted from port to port and finally lured into a trap by Ralls’ rival, the insane and insanely jealous (checks IMDB) Sidneye, the ship’s owner. What could possibly be the cause of their bitter hatred? What could–
Yeah, it’s a woman.

I have to get back to work soon, so:

– Gail Russell is extremely beautiful as Angelique. She has a type of face not often seen in H’wood, and I wonder if she was in any other movies.
– Wayne’s character is actually quite interesting and multilayered, and he brings a lot to it.
– The supercilious French dude was magnificent, excuse me, magnifique, at his role, which involved being supercilious and snide a lot.
– What happened to the baby?

Rated: five giant octopi out of five.

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