Woah. They went after Steven Brust, too?

I’ve only ever been a bystander to the Puppies Affair, and with the emergence of the Dragon Awards it appeared that the sad, aging, and very, very small WorldCon-audiences-only Hugos were about to become obsolete. So did most of the Sad Puppies, although I believe the Rabid faction is still slobbering on their keyboards. [I, uh, don’t like Vox Day.]

But the culture war still continues.

Dave Truesdale was censured for bullying on a panel. Then he was censured more for producing exculpatory evidence to the contrary.

Conservative author Jon del Arroz has been banned from WorldCon. Because he makes people uncomfortable. While he needs to provide specific proof of threats himself, the other side only needs the vague intimation that they feel “bad” having him around. Guys, that’s not fair or reasonable.

Author Will Shetterly has been banned.

Auther Steven Brust–STEVEN BRUST FOR VERRA’S SAKE, the man is a literal card-carrying socialist–has been placed in the time-out box for rather the same reason Jordan Peterson has: calling for the freedom to offend and be offended in a free exchange of ideas. Note the troglodyte in the comments who feels that this is a dangerous idea.

What happened to Science Fiction? Where did my starships go astray?

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