Overheard in class

“This class just keeps getting smaller. I feel bad.”

“Now, I’m not saying we need to invest in these miniature cows–”
“Yes we do!”
“Well, they are real cute. Anyhow–”

“–Because some horses will be picky about the water they drink.”
“Did you ever try giving them beer?”
“I have not tried that. G would drink the beer before it ever got to the horses.”

“Being lazy is, y’know, hard, but if some’s going to avoid doing it, it might as well be me and not you guys.”

And out of class:

“You don’t know it was me at all.”
“The pattern of circumstances is against you. Prior evidence is against you.”
“How can you have prior evidence, you never caught–uh…”
“I want a lawyer.”

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