Small minds write small stories

SuperversiveSF reports that some place called WisCon a) had a panel entitled “Killable Bodies”, which is about the stupidest possible topic to ever have to consider; b) flipped out when someone started to point out something obvious that the ideologically (Idio-logically?) blinded didn’t want considered: humanized villains are better villains.

What was the problem here?

The woman in question appears to have pointed out that in modern traditional fiction, the only “acceptable” villains are confederates and Nazis. If one of those two or allegorical versions are not used, this crowd freaks out and cries racist, making it nearly impossible to have any other villain archetype.

Zombies were really big a couple years ago. I theorized then it was a way of creating a politically-correct and non-offensive Other (since modern zombies are completely severed from their traditional, Afro-Caribbean roots), which it was then OK for the heroes to bitterly oppose, show courage and determination against, fear losing to, loathe becoming one of, and massacre with gory, glorious impunity. Taking this step was necessary, because none of those things are possible to display or even think of when your opponent is: Red Injun, White Russian, Inscrutable Oriental, Soul Brotha, Dirty Hippie, or even the Great Outdoors.

(This is why we don’t have Westerns anymore, damnit!)

This is why modern SFF lacks any ounce of scope or freshness. This is why The Force Awakens/The Last Jedi both returned to rehash the same Space-nazis versus La Resistance as the originals, despite logic and narrative structure indicating otherwise. Because no one trained to write in this current climate and this school, can IMAGINE anything else.

Great minds create great stories. Small minds create small stories. Which one are you?


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