Dresden Files News

Jim Butcher did a fairly short AMA on Friday, but managed to get a few questions answered anyhow.

  • Peace Talks: is being worked on and may be done before JB’s September wedding. (Congratulations!)
  • Brief Cases: is out on June 5–OH MY GOSH THAT’S TWO DAYS FROM NOW OOOoooOOO. This one contains all the short stories so far that weren’t included in Side Jobs.
  • Cinder Spires will continue for 3-9 books, or as long as people want to read it. (Yay!)

Important questions answered:

  • Jim Butcher ranks The Last Jedi somewhere beneath The Holiday Special.
  • Marcone and Hendricks were in the Marines together. Marcone was a Sergeant and Hendricks a Lieutenant.
  • Marcone was about 40 in the first book.
  • Marcone’s relationship with Helen Beckitt/Demeter is…complicated.
  • Hendricks hasn’t finished his thesis yet, and it’s over 1000 pages.
  • A little more on the Jade Court and other Asian vampires….the Jade Court sticks to the Yangtse valley, are not Accords signatories, are treated as if they are, don’t respond to inquiries, but do respond to insults. And we’re not likely to see them in the series. Sheesh.
  • One of the ways Accords signatories correspond with each other is through human attorneys.
  • Nicodemus Archleone used to be a tax collector.
  • In a drinking contest between Vadderung, Mab/Titania, and Uriel, Uriel would be the last one standing–mildly distressed and puzzled as to the point of the whole business. OMG LOL.