Expect more of this to happen in the future

Pax Dickinson apologizes to Amanda Robb

Summary: Lefty journalist wants to write a hitpiece on ComicsGate. How best to do this than by linking it to the terrible spectre of the current fifteen minutes–incels? Of course by tying in the incellular alt-right! And how best to do that than by lassoing a right-winger to opine on comic books?

Only…in this particular case she decided on someone who a) was not into comic books, and told her so, and b) had absolutely no interest in talking to her, and told her so.

Nevertheless, she persisted.

Dickinson proceeded to send her on multiple wild-goose chases over the course of several days, the crowning moment of humiliation being requiring her to purchase, wear, and send photographic evidence of wearing, a MAGA hat. Robb retreated, Dickinson apologized, and (some) ComicsGators are currently doing a victory lap.

I for one am rather curious as to what her eventual article will actually say when it’s published…