The Terminator – With My Mother (partial)

“Do we have to see this? I wanted to see The Help.”

“Okay, stop, pause it. Let me read the thing.”
“The machines revolted and took over and started killing people.”
“What are the machines? Computers?”

“He’s the bad guy?”
“Uh huh.”
“What is he?”
“Who is he?”

“What kind of business is this? He rose out of what?”
“He time traveled in.”

“….oh please. Do they have to show us that? You know they don’t.”

“I don’t want to see this.”
“That’s the only person he kills like that.”

“What’s all that?”
“That’s the next guy who teleported in.”
“Is he a good guy or a bad guy?”
“Bad guy?”
“No, that’s the good guy!”

“What’s his function?”
“He has to protect Sarah Connor.”

“What is Sarah. Why are they after Sarah?”
“Because her son is going to be important.”

“Who’s he killing?”
“Sarah Connor.”
“Who’s he killing on the floor?”
“Huh? He’s just making sure she’s dead. Cause he’s terminating her.”

“More of them coming?”
“This is back in the future.”
“The future?”

“Who controls the machines?”
“They control themselves.”
“The machines are intelligent. They control themselves.”

“They should be going after the other two to protect them.”
“They’re trying to get a hold of her but they can’t.”
“Why can’t they?”
“Because she’s out and the other two aren’t answering the door. And the answering machine’s on.”
“…why don’t they leave a message?”

“She next?”
“Uh huh.”

“Does he have to come after everybody?”
“Well he was just killing the first person who was in the way.”

“She went dancing? With the man after her?”
“No, she’s at a table.”
“Oh. Thought she went dancing.”

“Oh, he’s in there too? Does he know the other guy?”

“You see all this smash-crash, running around? Do I want to see that? Not really!”

“Rider. Spare me. This whole thing is just like this.”
“No it’s not!”
“Chases, shooting, killing. The whole thing is just all like this.”
“But I haven’t finished writing the post…”
“Tell them I stopped watching.”

“See, the police get them now.”
“How could the police get him?”

“Get him? Oh, I thought was the other guy….what’s the guy, him? Gone? He disappeared?”
“He was injured. They crashed.”
“Puh-lease. How could the crash injure him?”

“Where’s the guy? They took him?”
“He’s in the cells.”

“Is that it? Oh yes.”

“What’s he telling them? He’s got no sense. What’s he telling them, he’s John Connor?”
“No, he’s Kyle.”

“…that Connor man don’t have no sense. He should know better than to tell those people, they are not gon’ believe.”
“That’s not Connor…”


“Oh brother. No. This is it. Turn it off.”

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