“Doctors prescribed a rocking chair”

Woman left blind save for moving objects.

A stroke at age 29 wrecked Milena Canning’s occipital lobe.

Scans of Canning’s head showed an apple-sized hole where the visual cortex should be. But the lesion apparently spared the brain’s motion-processing region, the middle temporal (MT) visual area. … The next mystery is how information from the eyes gets to the MT without traveling through the visual cortex.

Canning is one of a handful of people who have been diagnosed with the “Riddoch phenomenon,” the ability to perceive motion while blind to other visual stimuli.

Gordon Dutton, an ophthalmologist in Glasgow, Scotland […] had encountered this mystery before—in a 1917 paper by neurologist George Riddoch describing brain-injured World War I soldiers. To help enhance Canning’s motion-based vision, Dutton prescribed her a rocking chair.

I guess that’s one way of making lemonade from lemons….