Leigh Brackett’s Land – Space Elevator Testing — In Space

(It’s a small-scale test.)

This space elevator will consist of a small box 6 centimeters (2.4 inches) long, 3 cm (1.18 inches) wide, and 3 cm high. This box will move along a 10-meter (32-foot) cable suspended in orbit between two smallĀ CubeSats. This movement will be monitored with cameras inside of the satellites.

Well…small steps eventually lead to giant leaps.

Flash Frozen Foal – Update!

They’re trying to clone it.

(If they can extract usable DNA from the frozen cells. It’s been done, but on a modern-era dog.)

A mare of a horse species similar to the extinct Lenskaya breed will be used as a surrogate, he toldĀ The Siberian Times.

Similarly, when the scientists are ready to clone a mammoth, an elephant will be used as a surrogate.

Wellllll, about that….I attended a lecture by an elephant reproduction specialist (his team was the first in the world to produce a live birth by AI). He strongly doubts that mammoths will be produced, for the simple reason that elephant repro is really expensive and people are much more interested in putting that money into more elephants.

But still.