Let Star Wars die. Kill it, if you have to…

The Mouse has spoken. Kathleen Kennedy is *not* being fired. 

We knew from the beginning–at least, people who had brains and working functional memories of the Prequels–that the reboot of Star Wars had absolutely no shred of a chance of being good. Hollywood hates sincerity. Hollywood hates black villainy and bright heroism. Hollywood resents heroes. Hollywood despises heroines. Hollywood screenwriters can’t write dialogue. Hollywood scripts target a specialized target audience of 18-25 year olds who have had their brains surgically removed; they are incapable of making a film that has broad appeal to all demographics. Hollywood Delenda Est.

Kathleen Kennedy signed off on TLJ and, more critically, Solo, the first outright bomb in Star Wars history. Now her contract has been extended three more years.

Guys, this is a good thing. Now no one will harbor any hope. Now we know what we are going to get from Disney Star Wars. Now we know what to do.

The Soycott is on. Do not buy, do not attend. Do not even pirate, it won’t be worth it. Starve the Mouse.

Lois Bujold’s World — grandchild after child’s death

A British couple created a grandson after their son’s death, using his genetic material. The legality is discussed at the link (it isn’t in Britain).

The fact that the son’s body was not found for two days, and yet we have a baby here today, is medically stunning. Most reports I’ve seen say that sperm or eggs are viable only if recovered fairly immediately after death — in the 24 to 48 hour range. But the son’s body in this case wasn’t even found for two days, before his sperm was extracted.

Questions for a normal person to consider: who do you trust enough to do with your body what you want done with it?

Questions for the fiction author to consider: So what are the ramifications of growing up with a deceased parent (but in a high-tech way)?

Questions for the speculative fiction author to consider: So if the Queen Dowager decided to solidify her position with a heir after the demise of the King, at what point do the assassins with pulse rifles storm into the great hall?