Larry Correia has a short story out on Baen to accompany (well, precede) the release of House of Assassins.

The Testimony of the Traitor Ratul

Thoughts (SPOILERS):
– What are the Astronomers actually watching for?…oh. UH OH.
– ….blue giants? Aliens? ALIVE? (Well, before the Protectors got to them) Whoa.
– The Crown, the Mask, and the Demon will stand against the Priest, the Voice, and the General. EPIC.
– Ratul has been to Fortress. (I’m secretly expecting Fortress to provide gunpowder weaponry for the rebellion. I’m also secretly waiting for Ashok to become Gunslinger Ashok, come on you know it’s gonna happen.)
– The question obviously isn’t “Who is Mother Dawn?” –it’s “What is Mother Dawn?”
– Devedas may turn out to be one of the most tragic characters ever. If he doesn’t stop being a resentment-driven ambitious jerk with no perspective who lets the villain manipulate him.
– The only other series I’m this hyped for is The Dresden Files. I can’t wait for Destroyer of Worlds. Correia rocks.

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