Upcoming once I have time to watch (i.e., not now):

The Highwaymen – 2019, Kevin Costner. I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about this and got curious. My thoughts regarding Bonnie & Clyde are: learning their story makes them pathetic, rather than sympathetic (albeit some of those shootouts they survived…and initiated…were hardcore), and learning about Hamer just makes him more badass. We will see. The trailer was frankly annoying.

Tarzan and the Lost Safari – 1957, Gordon Scott. Gordon Scott is the best Tarzan, but this probably isn’t the best Tarzan movie. Oh well.


Heart: A History – Sandeep Jauhar. Also known as: Is Dr. W going to give us extra credit for this, because it’s nowhere near as interesting as she was hyping it up to be. I’m not sure whether it’s Jauhar dilutes any interesting information with sheerly irrelevant passages about his childhood, other medical personnel who don’t figure into any of the rest of the book, his personal health, and sundry other irrelevant anecdotes.–or whether the problem is me. Is it a problem that I would like a well-written and engrossing book?

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