51xnzpjxohlNowither, the second volume in John C. Wright’s The Unwithering Realm is available at Amazon. Callooh, Callay!

The story of Ilya Muromets, who, PREVIOUSLY, had: discovered that his father was a secret Vatican ninja cleric-assassin, that his mother was High Queen of a distant dimension, possibly imprisoned by enemies, that he was actually adopted and is of a race of unkillable immortals, that Earth is being invaded by homicidal, genocidal conquerors from the dimension where the Tower of Babel never fell and the stars determine the fates of men; and that the girl he likes is actually an agent of the forces of good and maybe sorta kinda likes him back–continues.

If you have read any of Wright’s work, you may have noticed that he has certain…pet topics and themes. In Somewhither, whether by editorial assistance or the fact that he’s getting to be a better writer as time goes on, he keeps them under control. (Largely.) Somewhither is, as a consequence, really good. I consider it one of his best works, I am SUPER HYPED to read the sequel. (Somewhither won a Dragon Award, by the way: it was one of the few books that actually deserved the recognition.)

So, you should, buy it, read it, enjoy it. Support a good guy, pet a puppy, salute a dragon.

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