What I’ve been reading

And don’t have energy to really review.

Space Opera:
The Mageworlds series.

March Upcountry – David Weber, John Ringo
It’s about what I remembered, except shorter. They only march through two cities in this book, though.

What I’ve been watching:

Sword & Sandals:
The Warrior & The Slave Girl – a far, far better movie than it’s salacious title implies. It’s really quite good; it has a stalwart hero and a heroic antagonist. The real villain is the evil queen and the slimy counselors behind her. Also, the women are all pretty strong characters who have input on the plot.
There’s even, relevant to my professional interests, a collection of big cats. (Evil queen gets eaten by one, arg.)

Fury of Achilles – it’s LOADS better than Troy. Gordon Michell, stone-faced as he is and woodenly-acting, is a more convincing Achilles than Brad Pitt. There, I said it.

Sword of the Conqueror – Needless to say, Jack Palance walks off with this movie, completely distracting from the hero….Wait, the hero is Guy Madison? Really? Huh. Anyhow, this movie even has shreds of historical accuracy, so, points for that (Check it out: it’s an interesting time and story.)

5 Card Stud – I keep not being able to finish this movie. It’s quite decent, but I can’t really shake the feeling that the cast is all about twenty years too old to be playing their parts.

What I want to watch:
The Mandalorian. Yeah, I caved and acquired the first five episodes. I’m hoping it’s good. I’m really hoping. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

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