Belatedly entitled snippet

Ceyse said: “It all boils down to biology and competition. When you think about it, we are only here to see where we all fit and how we can all rearrange the hierarchy with ourselves on top of it.”
Yulia said, “I’m not sure I’d be satisfied with a hierarchy that allowed me in it!”
Ceyse said: “I’m talking about any kind of interpersonal ranking. The most basic structure that arises when two human beings compete for the same scarce resources.”
Duanna Mia said, overriding Yulia’s mutter of “What, wouldn’t you vent someone out an airlock for chocolate?” “I think we as a species may have evolved past instinctive competition over food, Ceyse.”
“Only if we’re not hungry. Society imposes constraints on behaviors, but this isn’t to say they don’t exist. Food, safety, and mating rights: put any of these things on the line, and any one of us would cut anyone else’s throat.”
There was a pause.
Mia said icily, “Speak for yourself; I have a fiance.”
Yulia said: “I’m here because you guys give me faith that I’m sane.”