CDrama Recap – The Romance of Hua Rong – Episode 5!


Expensive gifts is a washout, since HR stabs CS with a hairpin. CS makes no attempt to defend himself: because it’s what she wanted, isn’t it? HR retorts that he’s just being manipulative–as always. CS lets her know that the wedding will be in five days, be there or be square. And then, just to twist the knife….literally…finally pulls out the hairpin before her eyes and staggers out.

Blue Bro and Shaggy Bro are aghast both at the fact that HR has stabbed CS and that CS PLANS TO MARRY HER. Bros before hos, man! And also! What about the plot! CS, nevertheless, declares that the plot can wait until after he gets married.

Little Bro Yue Feng arrives to bring food and consolation. He’s got another boat. All they need is the map! (How to get the map?)

HR attempts to butter up Blue Bro….lol, he tries to chug the tea like wine and burns his tongue…and eventually just ends up straight-up bribing him to take her to see CS. Or at least CS’s rooms. But ultimately, to end up applying medicine to his wounds and apologizing for real. And agreeing to marry him. She’s thought it over, and given the circumstances, it’s probably going to be the easiest way out for her. f she can’t be a chivalrous hero, being the wife of a pirate isn’t too bad? That’s not a very modern or Western point of view, but just as long as she gets to do something.

Okay, that nose-boop was adorable.

CS gives her his signet, and tells her the island is hers as long as she marries him. People should really know better than to trust HR when she grins like that, you know.
So. Another scene is used to set up the proper relationships between Miss Hua Rong–I mean, Mistress Hua Rong!–and Blue Bro. Uh, Mister Blue Bro. Everybody got that? (Also, loool, don’t steal Hua Rong’s cakes that we imported from the capital for her.)

Anyhow, HR is off to try and check the armory for the map. It’s big and will require time to search… meanwhile CS has materialized again. And confiscates the dagger she “borrowed” from the inside. Turns out she took the knife to have a concrete reason for being at the armory, and then frames the conversation as: I know we don’t love each other, but at least we can trust. I know youuu don’t trust me, but…

CS apologizes and promises to trust her more in the future. Regardless of common sense….

HR promptly goes back to search some more….and finds a chart, which she copies out. CS wanders in and casually mentions that the plot is going to have to start coming back into play pretty soon you know. HR wants to know who “Pei Yong”–the old guy from the first episode?–Is, anyway.

Pei Yong was involved in the death of CS’s adoptive father (why does my significance sense go off so strongly); exactly how, CS doesn’t know. So…would his wife care to come investigate with him later? She agrees. But. Yue Feng is almost done with the boat! And they have the copied map! So: they’ll escape after the wedding.

Oh, typical. (HR trips going down the stairs and CS launches himself to catch her.) But it’s romantic, so, we’ll give them a pass. And poor CS looks honestly smitten. HR, meanwhile, is rolling her eyes under the veil and has her fingers crossed during the vows. Wow, poor CS has a completely dopey grin going now.

Still, HR signs the contract…is that her proper name? Given his look, probably not. Nevertheless, he promises very sweetly to love Hua Rong and only Hua Rong in this lifetime.


And they’re off! No, no, I mean, CS is off to go drink with his bros for a while.

Not…anything else.

LOL. Blue Bro is a maudlin drunk now that his Bro has gone and gotten hisself civilized. And now they have escaped into the storm–hopefully–and the mood becomes somber. Also vengeful–now he’s swearing he’s going to find her no matter where she goes.

And it does seem that they’re going to get caught with the pirate ship behind them….until a wave sweeps over and presumably capsizes their boat. Blue and Shaggy Bros are the ones who end up having to tell Chang Sheng that they’ve found what remains of the boat.

Chang Sheng, whether from his own native intelligence or just genre savviness, declares that he either has to see her alive again–or find her corpse to know she’s dead.

Fade out.

Rated: You know, it’s kind of mean to run off on a guy on his wedding night. I’m just sayin’.

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