CDrama Recap – The Romance of Hua Rong – Episode 6!

So! We pick up with Hua Rong waking up in an unfamiliar bed with an unfamiliar young man near by. Fortunately, Yue Feng is there to introduce them: this is Mister Jin, who saved them from the water. Mister Jin is also, it turns out, the guy from episode one whose pack got switched….and whose manuscript got burned to keep warm….turns out it was his own writings about his travels in jiang hu. He’s not happy about this. Also, what is the deal about finding a strange woman in a wedding dress floating in the ocean, anyway?

Cut back to Chang Sheng, moping and drinking. Blue Bro does his best, but…

Aw. I’m, um, really kind of liking Chang Sheng right now. He knows Hua Rong isn’t dead–because she’s too tough and plucky to die in just some random storm. (But, maybe, taking the wedding clothes off at this point?) And he’s reading the marriage contract over and being very emotional about it, now that he knows she’s tricked him.

So. This is actually kind of a complete reversal, right now, of what I expected. It’s usually the Cdrama heroines who get weepy and useless…right now it’s the hero. And he just found someone in his bed? Oh. It’s a hallucination. It’s just one of the maids, not Hua Rong. Blue Bro sent her. But Chang Sheng swears that he has no interest in other women: Hua Rong is his only wife and the only one he wants or needs. So no more servant girls or alcohol.

HR, meanwhile, is thinking about the good times and getting rather distracted doing so. She’s trying to recreate Jin’s writings from memory….and apparently doing OK at it? It’s not an exact copy, since she wasn’t exactly reading the manuscript before she burned it, but it’s close enough to impress Mr. Jin. And Mr. Jin now has plans….

Meanwhile, Little Bro thinks they ought to be moving on, they’re too close to the coast and have recovered. But! Hua Rong still has one more thing to do….

Meanwhile, back on the island, things are looking mediocre and Shaggy absolutely isn’t going to try help trick the boss into doing something, anything, with fake news about Pei Yong. Boss, however, is prepared to go sailing, or something. He’s got his old pirate costume on, anyway. But they convince him to go chasing the fake lead, and that’s that.

So, I think I’m missing a scene? HR and YF are trying to do something, and Mr. Jin and his sidekick are watching intently. And then Jin and co swoop in to rescue them when it fails. Oh! HR is trying to go back to her original mission from episode one–rescue the girls trapped in the brothel. She already has made a promise and failed to keep it, and is determined to help!

Sidekick suggests calling in the officials. Mr. Jin, however, promises to help: he, too, is a hero! And he’ll defer to Heroine Hua Rong’s superior expertise! Luckly, Hua Rong has a cunning plan! And here we go again! It involves disguises. Guess who gets to dress up as a girl? (First guess doesn’t count.) Mr. Jin’s scholarly facepalm is a sight to behold.

Meanwhile, his sidekick thinks that they need to stay out of trouble. I wonder what their angle is.

Back to Chang Sheng….are they really going to bump into each other again this soon? Really? Oh. Even more disappointingly, are they going to not bump into each other when they’re right next to each other? Dangit. HE JUST MISSED HER FOR REAL, OH THAT IS FRUSTRATING.

At least CS is on it. But the others aren’t. They think he’s just being paranoid. Which, to be fair, is a genuine possibility in Cdrama land.

Hua Rong’s cunning plan to infiltrate the brothel, meanwhile, has hit a snag. To whit, the madam has the shreds of a brain and the two new concubines are freaking ugly. Hua Rong has to fall back on a “Buy one get one?” offer–which genuinely had me hooting with laughter, sorry roomie.

And now! Pei Yong has been spotted near the brothel! The very same place where Hua Rong and company are sneaking about, cunningly disguised as waiters. They end up hiding in the wardrobe (lol, Little Bro pulls Jin out of HR’s space). They manage to grab the madam and start torturing her to reveal the secret.

These are heroes, however, so it’s tickle torture, though.

These are heroes, however, so it works. They find the contracts….but need to make a hasty exit as the madam raises the alarm. So we’re more or less back where we were in episode one, except now Mr. Jin is helping keep the guards off…(OH MY GOSH AND CHANG SHENG IS JUST SITTING DOWNSTAIRS NOT EVEN NOTICING IT! DUDE!)

And then they barge into…Pei Yong’s room! There is a mysterious man/woman with a veil. Pei Yong and Mysterio escapes in the chaos but OH HE FOUND HER FINALLY YES!!!! OH NO, she ran away again. But all is well with Chang Sheng now, hopefully. He sends Bros to catch Pei Yong and goes after his wife himself.

The mysterious veiled man gives orders to Pei Yong: find out about that girl, she’s something weird–capture her alive but kill her companions. Oh. Uh oh.

Meanwhile, Hua Rong and Little Bro are trying to get the heck out of Dodge before Chang Sheng catches up with them. Mr. Jin, following the dictates of chivalry, dutifully follows along. Soon they are somewhere…else?…and Hua Rong and Yue Feng are busy setting up a rope booby trap outside? But that night, when everyone is ostensibly asleep, Hua Rong is once again having nightmares starring Chang Sheng, and then someone is outside—!

Rated: I have to go to sleep now if I am going to work tomorrow, and I have to work like a dog tomorrow.

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