CDrama Recap – The Romance of Hua Rong – Episode 9!!

Lol, it was a dream and she fell out of bed. And instead, Chang Sheng has showed up at her door. Drunk. Ish. He wants to hear the tale of Heroine Hua Hua! So tell it she does, complete with Hero Yun He’s appearance. Oh. Wait. Is it not Chang Sheng??? Lol, HR bashes pirates in the tale. OH UH OH! He gave it away? He spun the chopstick in his fingers the same way Mysterious Hero spun a knife. So. Hua Rong is off to interrogate Shaggy Bro. Unfortunately, everyone else seems to confirm that CS was merely drinking alone in his room the night before.

And, finally, Mr. Jin shows up. Heh, turns out that Big Brother Dearest was actually her father’s pupil….and minor royalty. Hua Rong is abject. Meanwhile, it’s confirmed that Mr. Jin actually is incognito of some sort. Oh….is he actually Yun He?

Meanwhile, Black Dragon Pei Yong is reporting to his Veiled Boss. VB is a young and seemingly handsome man who orders them to find out about the Yun He situation.
Meanwhile, Hua Rong is trying to set up a date with Mysterious Hero Yun He. Lol, is ringing that little bell really going to work? (No, but I think Chang Sheng might appear).
Meanwhile, Mr. Jin and Sidekick are preparing to get to their business.

Lol, Shaggy Bro and Blue Bro are trying to pry Hui away from Hua Rong’s door. Shaggy is hilariously terrible at it: Hui faints. Blue Bro is eyerolling so hard he faceplants into a pillar.

Aaaaand yep, Chang Sheng shows up and starts eating Hero Yun He’s food. Lol. Aaaaand he gets a black eye from his outraged wife.

So Mr. Jin and sidekick are off wandering around to do something. Sidekick thinks they shouldn’t interfere. But Mr. Jin wants to finish his job, and then he’ll tell her himself.
And in the morning, there’s a new rumor that Hero Yun He has been seen in the market! Lots of people have seen him, saving people from a burning building. But information is actually scarce on the ground overall. Aaaand, back at the inn, the servants are having some real trouble with Mr. Jin’s clothes. They’re covered in candle wax! Also, Mr. Jin’s hair appears to have been singed a little. Also. Mr. Jin might potentially be someone who is hiding his martial arts skills…? Looks like yep.

And then! Hua Rong catches him red-handed climbing through the window in his Yun He costume and mask. She promises to keep quiet about it! Ssssooooo, it wasn’t Chang Sheng after all. I’m kind of surprised. And another hilarious dustup happens. Chang Sheng is about to get his ass kicked (again) when Big Brother Dearest shows up again, on cue.
Fortunately, Hua Rong is able to pull him aside easily. Unfortunately, Mr. Jin decides to twist the knife by telling Chang Sheng it’s her childhood sweetheart.

Big Brother Dearest wants to know what is up with those guys? And why did she have them holding on to him earlier? And does she think that she can hide forever? It’s time to go. HR attempts to talk him out of it–she has a tiiiiiny request for him, her father’s favorite student. Two more days. Juuuust two more days, she wheedles. She wants to say goodbye to Hero Yun He. When he agrees, she hustles him out before Chang Sheng can make a scene.

She asks for Mr. Jin to come and visit her at home. He…hm. Is he or is he not actually Hero Yun He, then? But he does promise and pinky swear to come see her. Meanwhile, there’s two people perving on them: Chang Sheng, and some guy who showed up–oh, probably a Black Dragon Gang spy.

That night, the Black Dragon Gang invades the inn! Mr. Jin fights them off, a kung fu hero! Hua Rong does her best to fight, but it’s hard to both fight and run away screaming at the same time. She wants to fight side by side with her hero, awww! But she’s still not all that good. And then Hui actually saves her by stabbing a ninja in the back! But then Mr Jin goes down! OH GOSH! ANOTHER MYSTERIOUS YUN HE SHOWS UP!!!! He decoys the ninjas out! (This one is definitely Chang Sheng, he has the knife-spinny trick, and now the pirates also show up to ambush the ninjas.) The pirates have bows, but ninjas are ninjas. But then Chang Sheng tackles one off the roof…without a mask on? Or are we dealing with three Hero Yun Hes here?

Oh, that’s a good line. “You have two arms and two legs. But we have only one question. The ratio is four to one. My bet is that you can’t handle this until the end.” Oh, I like Chang Sheng when he’s being dark and menacing (at someone other than the heroine). Nevertheless, they get no answers because the ninja commits suicide.

Surely, however, Mr. Jin can shed some light on the situation, though. Oh. He’s not Yun He. Also it’s not Chang Sheng? Mr. Jin is…someone whose mother is sick and in need of a cure. He’s trying to find it; it’s owned by a pirate who was killed two years ago by Hero Yun He. That’s why he faked being Hero Yun He and saved people from a fire–to draw out the pirate.

Chang Sheng really isn’t getting enough credit, you know. Even with the real (?) Hero Yun He in the picture, he’s done a lot of the heavy lifting as far as fighting and keeping everyone safe goes. So a little snootiness at this point can be excused. Mr. Jin thanks him sincerely, too–which CS scorns and goes off to set up the guards. Hua Rong deplores his rudeness, but Mr. Jin really isn’t bothered. All he wants to know is if Hua Rong is mad at him or not.
Fade out.

Why do I have no internet?! I’m having to download these episodes on my phone on the office connection, and transfer them to the computer to watch with subtitles. It’s not a sustainable way to watch movies!
Also: there’s not enough of Chang Sheng doing stuff. Him being stupid is no substitute for him being badass and menacing! Although it is, I suppose, appropriate for him to be much less effective when he’s not on Pirate Island where his word has the force of law, it would be nice for Hua Rong (our perpetually plucky and undefeated heroine) to start showing she appreciates him at this point! Come on, people!
Also, more kung fu!