CDrama Recap – The Romance of Hua Rong – Episode 10

Hua Rong is not mad at Mr. Jin. But she’s also not smitten with Fake Hero Yun He anymore. They’re still friends! (Just friends? Mr. Jin got friendzoned without even meaning to? heh.) Sidekick thinks this is a good omen, but Mr. Jin is slightly more clear-headed. LOL: he knows its hopeless, because she didn’t get infuriated with him for lying to her. (Lol, sidekick thinks that her being reasonable and understanding are just good character traits. He’s right, but this is a CDRAMA ROMANCE we’re talking about. Mr. Jin understands the conventions of the genre much better.)

Oh, poor Hui is Lady Macbething her hands since she’s killed a man. Hua Rong approaches it with a…unusual psychological approach. But it’s, typically, honest, compassionate, and straightforward. Lol, she makes Hui promise to keep protecting her as her bodyguard and pinky swear on it. OH LOL HUI IS GOING TO SHAGGY BRO TO GET TRAINING? AND SHAGGY IS SO SPOOOKED BY HER HE’S TRYING TO RUN AWAY. Especially when she starts to cry.

But he tells her that if she gets to cut a post in half, he’ll take her on. She can barely even lift the sword and hours later is still at it…Shaggy Bro is, heh, hiding behind the door and watching in trepidation. Renewed determination gives Hui the strength to power through. Shaggy still tries to squirm out of it, but especially with CS standing there, doesn’t dare.

Off we go to speak with Mr. Jin again, CS trailing jealously behind. Mr. Jin’s mother has heard about the trouble and has ordered him to come home. Mom’s orders are hard to break! Well….that’s the truth. CS is of course overjoyed to arrange speedy travel arrangements. What he should have done is offer to continue the search for the medicine. Hua Rong does promise herself.

CS shows up at the last minute with some…presents. Kid, if you just tried to poison a guy who is LEAVING, you deserve what happens to you.

OH LOL. Shaggy Bro is so totally afraid of being me-too’d that he’s holding a parasol over Hui and fanning her as she practices. Poor Shaggy. Especially with all his other bros watching. Oh lol. They’re putting bets on whether or not he makes it an entire month.

Meanwhile, Big Brother Dearest requires Hua Rong to go back with him in the morning. Chang Sheng shows up to ruffle his territorial feathers, but then backs off immediately. It’s almost as though the show is under-writing his part right now and they don’t know really what to do with him. Heh, Hua Rong has to explain that they’re just “comrades of jiang hu, comrades!” (You know, what they ought to do is have him be off chasing Black Dragon Guys. You could cut to him occasionally doing something badass, and then have the majority of the plotline be following Hua Rong. He’s been pretty wasted for the last two episodes. Oh well. We shall see how it goes).

Hua Rong is packing. She still has the bell….and still has extremely strong suspcions that Hero Yun He is Chang Sheng in a mask. OH LOL AND THEN SHE OPENS THE WINDOW AND HE’S STANDING OUTSIDE.

That’s Chang Sheng in a mask.

Lol she ripped it off. Aaaaand his other eye is now black. He has to run his bros off after they laugh at him, and spends a few minutes posing, hairflipping, and swearing that Hua Rong will fall in love with the real Chang Sheng. And also, oww.

However! They have just recieved word that HR’s father is injured and recuperating nearby. Big Brother Dearest is persuaded to take her there instead of home, but swears he will send her home if there is any trouble. CS is not going to pursue right now; they’re going to sail. Also: given that Big Brother Dearest could end them at any point if he knew they were pirates, and that Hua Rong hasn’t given them up probably means she doesn’t want to. Soo no point in making her do something she doesn’t want to, right?

Meanwhile, proving that absence makes the heart grow fonder, Hua Rong immediately starts thinking of Chang Sheng fondly as soon as he’s not, y’know, right there being obnoxious.

So. Soon they reach the house of her cousin, where they are scolded by Snooty Cousin, but at least Dad is there and recovering well. Also, it turns out that he has an arrow wound in his leg, which no one mentioned before. Bearded Dad is also kind to Yue Feng and Hui. He’s got presents prepared for them…..


Bearded Dad isn’t quite thick enough to miss the frozen horrified silence, but he’s quick to explain! This Chang-er (I think that’s like an affectionate diminutive) saved his life! After Bearded Dad was hurt in the fall, assassins attacked, but Chang Sheng and his bros showed up and rescued him. Bearded Dad thinks he’s brave and wise AND WANTS TO ADOPT HIM AS A SON. But CS refused that, so he is now BEARDED DAD’S BODYGUARD WHAT THE HECK AHAHAHA.

Chang Sheng is playing it up, too. Hua Rong insists that she will stay and take care of her father, which somehow causes a bit of alarm for everyone else?

Lol, Bearded Dad apologizes to Chang Sheng that Hua Rong was mean to him. She was an only child, and was raised as a boy, and was always hard to control. Well, she turned out good! She is righteous, kind, and heroic. That’s true! Bearded Dad is merely, lol, hopeful she will be OK after he dies. The world is hard on girls, especially girls who have a mind of their own. Chang Sheng is pretty certain that she will meet a compatible guy.

Back to business! Bearded Dad is going to send Big Brother Dearest to go investigate the case. He doesn’t want HR to go too, but CS points out (and Dad agrees) that there is about a zero percent chance she will not want to find out who is behind hurting her father. Sooooo he’s going to send Chang Sheng and his bros along to protect her. Chang Sheng, with utter sincerity, swears that he will do so. Aww. (You probably think you’re pretty cunning, don’t you, Chang Sheng? I wonder how this is going to backfire on him?)
So. Hua Rong is under orders to go with Big Brother Dearest and follow his orders.

LOL, Snooty Cousin Hua is flirting with Chang Sheng.

UH OH! Big Brother Dearest has been poisoned at the hotel! CS has an antidote! Convenient, that. Oh, it’s not a real antidote, just medicine. They still need a doctor. Blue Bro protests that he checked the room himself, where did the poison come from? Wait, did they not actually leave yet? Snooty Cousin and Bearded Dad are stlil there.
Big Brother Dearest won’t be able to investigate. So, instead of waiting for a new envoy,

Hua Rong and Chang Sheng are going to go investigate themselves–increased attacks mean the enemy is getting desperate. Bearded Dad refuses. Things are getting dangerous and he doesn’t want to lose HR.

CS, however, has a plan. He knows a guy! Who is skilled in martial arts, is trusted by the general, has connections in the underworld, and overall, is the best candidate for the job.
Hua Rong, who knows him by know, asks what his price is going to be. It’s that Hua Rong goes along as his personal servant. Also, she has to ask him politely. Lol, she threatens to hit him and he tells her he raises his prices when he gets nervous.

Hua Rong asks him politely, to his surprise and alarm.

Fade out!

Rated: We’re probably be going to get some action pretty soon. This is exciting!

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