CDrama Recap – Are you guys still with me? We’re only half-way done…

Episode 11! This is the last of the ones I have downloaded; if I don’t get some more internet access today, I may die.

Chang Sheng is willing, but Bearded Dad and even Big Brother Dearest need some more convincing. This is, after all, a matter of state and bureaucracy…Hua Rong protests that their talents will complement each other. Oh, CS is going to have to take on Big Brother Dearest’s identity to make this work. So this means that HR is going to have to make him into a good copy of Big Brother Dearest, heh.

Lesson one! How to properly wear scholarly robes! It, uh, requires hands-on instruction. Even worse, Snooty Cousin shows up to commiserate with CS about how inconsiderate HR is. But she is indisputibly having a ball hitting him with her teaching stick. Lol.

Lol, they are forced to start complementing each other in front of Bearded Dad, though. And he agrees to let them go investigate. Big Brother Dearest looks pretty sour, lol.

So they’re investigating. There is a slimy kind of guy with a very large hat. What’s going on, here? Oh, the investigation isn’t going very well overall; Shaggy is getting more luck than Chang Sheng. Lol, Hui is following Shaggy around. OK, what is up with Big Hat and this accountant guy? They’ve brought him into a house and then dropped tea on his lap. So body servant Hua Rong needs to go help him….

Oh! Snooty Cousin is there. Bearded Dad has sent her to keep an eye on things. She has business connections in town and is at their service. Particularly at Chang Sheng’s service if you know what I mean.

Big Hat has a couple of rather suspicious-looking servants, whom Chang Sheng attempts to avoid. But they are keeping a close eye on him. And so is a mysterious figure with a broom.

Nevertheless, Chang Sheng shows up in her room to discuss the case with Hua Rong. He’s noticed that the servants are shadowing him, as well as other people. So, he’s going to stay the night in her room to protect her. Heh, she does know a little kung fu. But then the suspicious servants come crashing in and they have to pretend he was getting a massage. CS points out that this kind of proves his point. And, for once, doesn’t gloat. Instead, he complements her and pours her a drink. And then, apologizes!
…..and ruins it by asking for a kiss.

But nevertheless, back to business. Exactly what is going on in this place? Everyone they’ve questioned has the same story. Which is kind of suspicious when you think about it. There was a fire, which they say was caused by an earthquake. Was the fire actually caused by an oil/kerosene explosion? Oil is important for the military and therefore valuable, so there’s your motive.

Aw. Hua Rong and Chang Sheng are for probably the first time ever chatting peacefully and drinking together. They also have kind words for each other! Probably also for the first time ever. And yes, Chang Sheng is much less obnoxious when he’s not, y’know, being obnoxious.

Aaaand are they getting drunk again? Yep….iiiiis that another fade to black? And yep, there they are waking up in the same bed again. Heh, good thing they’re already married.

Not that Hua Rong has any excuse this time. But at least she’s not attacking him in his sleep. Small steps, small steps.

Outside, Hui is practicing her swordsmanship! You go get ’em, Hui! Lol, Shaggy is so cowed HR can run him off with just a look. So Hui and Hua Rong are wandering around the market–HR in a complete daze again–when they run into a familiar-looking young lady. Hui recognizes her: it’s one of the girls from the brothel whom Hui used to know. She demures and leaves. Hua Rong is by this point smart enough not to push, although Hui is distressed. There’s too many possible angles here; they have to consult Chang Sheng. But Hua Rong realllllly doesn’t want to consult Chang Sheng…..meanwhile the suspicious servant is keeping a close eye on them.

Lol, Chang Sheng claims she drunkenly seduced him and refused to let him go. Not that he can blame her…he’s very attractive, not to mention generous and forgiving. Heh. But back to business. They think that Brothel Girl (Xiao Yue) is connected to the Black Dragon Gang. Oh! And the Black Dragon Gang headquarters was rigged to blow up with kerosene. Also, a small border town just had a kerosene explosion. How to put the pieces together?

Well, Snooty Cousin has connections. LOL. Hua Rong doesn’t want to talk to Snooty because surely it will be more effective if Chang Sheng does? CS, on the other hand, knows that Snooty was only paying attention to him to make someone else jealous. “It’s a very effective technique,” LOL. Hua Rong needs to go grovel a bit and get Snooty’s help.
Snooty agrees.

But…Big Brother Dearest actually has arrived and is outraged, OUTRAGED I TELL YOU, that they are involving Snooty Cousin in this dangerous investigation. He is still fairly weak, though, but not weak enough to not demand Hua Rong turn over their authorization and go home with him. She refuses. It’s ridiculous to wait for a message to go out and new envoy to come when the nefariousness and heroes to combat it are right there.

Also, Chang Sheng refuses as well. He made a deal with Hua Rong. Plus, he knows the Black Dragon Guys and they’re nothing special. Soooo….is Big Brother Dearest the nefarious head of the Black Dragons? I’m kind of grasping at straws here. But he’s also the only other youngish man around and the veiled Black Dragon leader is a young man….

Oh. Poor guy. He’s about to try and confess his love to her. Hua Rong makes an effort to ward it off, but it can’t be repressed. He’s loved her since before she was legal, basically, and been waiting. And he really wants her to agree to marry him.

But, she has always considered him her Big Brother and can’t accept it. Aw.

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– Pillars of the Sky – Oddly enough, keeping the focus on the white men is a plus; it makes the drama more bearable, and also the dialogue less stilted. A movie that focuses on the Injun Dilemma tends to be heavyhanded and maudlin when done poorly, and overwhelmingly depressing and heavyhanded when done well. A movie which has enough space to examine the Injuns’ problems from a more dispassionate distance is a movie that has the ability to show nuance, intelligence, moderation, and compassion.
And while this movie doesn’t ever rise to greatness, there are one or two scenes that are quite good–one of the army-aligned chiefs takes the bow from one of the antagonists, and, with only a little effort, breaks it in half. “My father’s bow would have ripped the arm from my shoulder before it broke. We have forgotten the ways of our people!”

Secondhand Lions – courtesy of my fellow interns and our new movie night tradition. This is a genuinely top-tier movie, despite the fact that the actor playing the young Robert Duvall looks nothing like him. (“It’s fine. He is younger and he is not the one with glasses, and he has a moustache.” “But he doesn’t LOOK like him at all!” “He has a moustache!” “….”) We also couldn’t decide which ending was better, so we settled on saying that they are BOTH better.

Ford v. Ferrari – It’s, uh, really boring except for the vroom vroom parts.
But I did love “7000+ GO LIKE HELL.”