Read/watchlist microreviews

Edmund Hamilton – The Star Hunters
Secret agents–disguises–star kings–femme fatales–prison escapes–outlaws–the dread discovery of things man might have learned to know but cannot be trusted with–dogfights in the choked wreckage of the Devil’s Canyon of space…
Rated: old-school space opera sensawunda and action. It doesn’t get better than this.

The Sun Smasher
Starmen, star-kings, and star-queens–godlike fallen masters of Space–empires Old and New–forgotten and forbidden weapons–forgotten memories and long-lost heirs–spiderlings–old retainers–undying loyalty and unrequited love–
Even if it was somewhat predictable….it don’t get better than this.

The Three Planeteers
This one was less space opera and more pulp….ehh.



– Pillars of the Sky – Oddly enough, keeping the focus on the white men is a plus; it makes the drama more bearable, and also the dialogue less stilted. A movie that focuses on the Injun Dilemma tends to be heavyhanded and maudlin when done poorly, and overwhelmingly depressing and heavyhanded when done well. A movie which has enough space to examine the Injuns’ problems from a more dispassionate distance is a movie that has the ability to show nuance, intelligence, moderation, and compassion.
And while this movie doesn’t ever rise to greatness, there are one or two scenes that are quite good–one of the army-aligned chiefs takes the bow from one of the antagonists, and, with only a little effort, breaks it in half. “My father’s bow would have ripped the arm from my shoulder before it broke. We have forgotten the ways of our people!”

Secondhand Lions – courtesy of my fellow interns and our new movie night tradition. This is a genuinely top-tier movie, despite the fact that the actor playing the young Robert Duvall looks nothing like him. (“It’s fine. He is younger and he is not the one with glasses, and he has a moustache.” “But he doesn’t LOOK like him at all!” “He has a moustache!” “….”) We also couldn’t decide which ending was better, so we settled on saying that they are BOTH better.

Ford v. Ferrari – It’s, uh, really boring except for the vroom vroom parts.
But I did love “7000+ GO LIKE HELL.”

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