CDrama Recap – The Romance of Hua Rong – Episode 12

Big Brother Dearest takes his rejection calmly, if not with great satisfaction. Meanwhile, oh, it’s Snooty Cousin who is in love with him, and that’s why she’s been mean to Hua Rong.

So Hua Rong is sitting outside, unhappy and alone. Ooor not alone. Chang Sheng has materialized to keep her company. Meanwhile, Shaggy and Hui are practicing–and running off intruders. So they have peace and quiet to talk to each other. Hua Rong feels that the situation is dangerous and she maybe has gone too far, especially in endangering Chang Sheng. He ripostes that he’s enjoying himself, and she has never been afraid of danger before. Also, he knows she’s sincere and is answering her sincerely because he knows her. Now! To business. They’re going to have to follow up via Brothel Girl Yue.–via Hui.

So HR and Hui go off to investigate what Yue knows. Hui tries to persuade Yue to seek freedom and help them, but Yue is extremely dubious. She fingers her necklace…it is her neck on the line if she talks. But she does want freedom and a normal life. So: as long as they get her out first–she wants money and a new identity.

So the two shifty servants are watching as Yue leaves, and begin interrogating her instantly. Snooty Cousin shows up and, heh, Hua Rong has to beg her via sign language to help. Snooty does help, allowing Yue to escape. Snooty isn’t particularly happy about having to help Hua Rong. And she’s immune to HR’s usual wheedling and flattery. But Snooty Cousin is still a cousin, and will help her silly Hua Rong as needed. She will provide the new ID for Yue.

HR has to admit to CS that she really didn’t understand Snooty Cousin. It’s ‘cuz she’s jealous, CS explains, to no-one’s satisfaction. LOL “he likes jealous women” LOOOL.
Uh oh, I hope Snooty is actually as good as her word, now. CS and HR are at a river waiting and Yue hasn’t shown up yet. They go to investigate. Yue is gone and no one has word or information. But, if they keep getting no answers, it’s because they’re asking the wrong person. OH! A man is following them! And has been instructing people as to the correct answers.

Heh, that wasn’t any kung fu, CS just punched him straight in the face. Yue, however, is dead. CS questions the captured sneak. He was ordered to do so by the district official–Big Hat? They’re going to keep him as a witness. I wonder how long he’ll last.

HR kneels down to apologize to Yue and promise that she will avenge her. CS, meanwhile, examines the body. Aisde from marks of strangulation, they suss out that she has buried her necklace–a key. But! The police arrive! Uh oh. They are being placed under arrest by Big Hat. He knows that CS is impersonating Big Brother Dearest. Also, the witness turns around to slander them. So under arrest they go–making sure that the key stays buried.

In jail, HR is thinking of escape and contacting friends. The latter is taken out of her hands quickly, though, as the rest of them have also been arrested. CS, however, is calm. He has a plan!…wait. The fact that they are under their enemy’s power means the enemy will relax and stop destroying the evidence. What about the fact that you are under the enemy’s control, though, huh?

Meanwhile, the Bros are happy to trust Chang Sheng. They’re also playing knucklebones with Hui in the next cell over, heh. But the time wears on Hua Rong. CS decides to tell her stories about the sea. He soon has her hooked (aheh aheh aheh) bbbuuut not enough to want to go sailing with him. Meanwhile, the guards are now asleep and Hui can pick the locks. How does Hui know how to pick locks?

But before they can escape, someone comes in with the magistrate. Oh! It’s Big Brother Dearest! In disguise? (Chang Sheng has the best eyerolls, by the way.) He’s ready to take them into custody. But by the time they’re back at the ranch, Hua Rong has to be helping him walk through the door. Poor guy is still pretty sick. So he’s gone back to the original plan: have someone else assigned to this case to investigate.

–because if the district magistrate is involved himself, things are wayyyy too dangerous for someone at her level, and it’ll need someone with official status and royal backing. And if it’s that dangerous, what will happen to her father if something happens to her? HR retorts that doing the right thing is doing the right thing and a chivalrous hero would know this!

Big Brother Dearest is dead-set on his way, though, and has the men to back him up. Chang Sheng hasn’t said anything yet…and doesn’t. HR wants to know what he thinks, too. Come to rely on him, have you, girl? But….he thinks Big Brother Dearest is right and HR shouldn’t be involved. She doesn’t want to reiterate her heroism speech again, it left her out of breath the first time and she meant the whole thing, dammit! He tells her to sleep on it and they’ll talk in the morning. But….it’s night-time when Hero Yun He shows up in HR’s room.

That’s Chang Sheng in a mask, come on.

But Hero Yun He wants to also take her home, even though he admires her chivalrous spirit. HR doesn’t want to run out on her team-mates! Such as Mr. Chang Sheng in the next room. DUDE YOU ARE TALKING TO CHANG SHENG IN A MASK I THOUGHT YOU HAD FIGURED IT OUT ALREADY!? SHEESH LOL.

Chang Sheng in a mask declares that Chang Sheng in the next room can take care of himself. But HR feels guilty for involving him in the first place. And not even the promise of Chang Sheng in a mask that he will help this Chang Sheng next door is good enough for HR. That guy is very important to her, after all…she won’t leave him alone to face danger. Never. Not even if Hero Yun He tells her to.


Aaaaaand busted. (again?)

So. CS claims that he is Yun He–The Yun He. Also that he gave Mr. Jin the remedy for his mother! That was nice. But HR demands a thorough explaination of how Yun He came about in the first place.

His stepfather/godfather, the pirate, was a pirate lord. But, because of a treasure map, he was ambushed and half the map was taken. In order to protect the other pirate bros from reprisals of the investigation, Chang Sheng created an alternate identity as a righteous warrior, unsuspected. Oh, well that’s kind of clever. The bad guy creating a good-guy alternate identity, wow.

And, lol, CS also kept the Yun He identity away from HR because she gets really horny whenever she sees him, LOL. But now! He knows who she really likes!

Rated: I really like this show and it makes me happy.


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