The Romance of Hua Rong – Ep 16!

(I’m at the phase of watching where after taking a break I was scared to start up again…because eventually this series is going to be over and then I’m going to be sad.) Also, it turns out that I was writing the hero’s name wrong: Chang Sheng instead of

Shang Cheng

. OK.

So Mr. Jin calls off the guards–who kneel to him–and he gets a slow-mo entrance while HR smiles and Wanwan goggles. Mr. Jin explains to the guards that HR and company are from his house/family and therefore things like forged tickets do not matter. Is the contest being held in Jin’s house? Anyhow, the boys have also arrived and are leaning inconspiciously around a corner to spy on the proceedings. But they leave be, as well they should.

BUT Mr. Jin does show up at the contest place in the next scene, causing the Eyepatch guy to have a coughing fit and Shang Cheng to bug his eyes out slightly. Turns out that Mr. Jin IS THE SECOND SON OF THE PRINCE AND EXTREMELY CLOSE TO THE THRONE. Also, he’s known to be talented and handsome, courteous and gentlemanly. That’s quite true! ALSO, HR and Wanwan have changed back into girl clothes and come along.

HA, HR is flirting with Mr. Jin on purpose to make SC jealous. (Poor Mr. Jin.)

Anyhow: back to the plot. The son-in-law contest. There’s going to be a literary contest, a martial arts contest, and then a mystery face-off? Mr. Jin is participating, but not for either the treasure map jade or the beautiful daughter–it’s at a family request. HR nonetheless informs him that he’s sitting next to said beauty, and also explains to Mr. Jin that she wants the white jade, and the treasure (to distribute to the poor.) Mr. Jin agrees to help, but I think he has ulterior motives concerning that same white jade.
Lol, Shang Cheng’s pissed-off-yet-smug face…

So…wait, is Hua Rong not competing herself?

Mr. Jin and Shang Cheng meet to discuss things. Mr. Jin thanks SC for the cure for his (Mr. Jin’s) mother. SC tells him to STEP OFF MY WOMAN. Mr. Jin replies that that’s completely out of his hands, and exactly what is their relationship and purpose?–and incidentally, I’m not going to reveal you are a notorious pirate, but if you do happen to ever do anything to hurt Hua Rong….

Shang Cheng isn’t worried. He beat Mr. Jin once, he can do it again….
So, Wanwan has arranged for them to be in Mr. Jin’s house instead of the hotel. Wanwan is pretty happy with this but Hua Rong is reluctant. Also, Shang Cheng finds out….

Meanwhile! Wanwan’s father is meeting with a masked, moustached man (he believes that this guy has kidnapped and is holding Wanwan.) They are looking at the list of competitors and waiting for Hero Yun He to show up!

Mr. Jin’s house (mansion) is veryyyy nice, it turns out. Wanwan picks out her own room in a heartbeat. (turns out that the nice rooms were actually Mr. Jin’s and he’s now moved into smaller ones…SHUT UP, SIDEKICK, Jin orders.) I do like his Sidekick. Hua Rong feels the injustice of this and also, you know, is a married woman.

Mr. Jin also makes a slightly impassioned speech about how he wants to help and support Hua Rong in whatever path she takes. HR, giggling nervously, beats a hasty exit. Poor Mr. Jin. (Also, Wanwan was spying on them from the corner.) Wanwan ineptly tries to suss out whether or not Big Sis has designs on Mrs. Jin-hood, but it takes HR two seconds to turn the question right back around at her. But they agree to drop the subject.

MEANWHILE! Shang Cheng has arrived….stop smirking at your wife, boy. Shang Cheng points out that he has a right to sneak into his wife’s room, after all. Hua Rong, once again, forgets to keep being mad at him once they start holding hands. Mr. Jin, however, is being pointedly rude to Shang Cheng (turnabout is fair play–and LOL, Hua Rong nodding in satisfaction at the particularly pointed jabs.)

UH OH! A new person–WITH A MOUSTACHE–has entered! It’s the Prince himself! And he is being polite to everyone, including Shang Cheng. And also wants to know if Mr. Jin and SC are friends….?

Uh oh! Mr. Jin might let it slip that it’s SC who gave him the pill! Hmmmmm, the Prince is trying to test him?–if he can check this sachet of healing herb?/perfumes? But while SC doesn’t know know anything about perfumes? HR attempts to fake an allergic reaction…but SC is able to come up with a convincing answer anyway, so what was the point of that?

HR and Wanwan are walking in one direction. The boys are walking in the opposite. LOL, SC just points and the Bros grab Wanwan and hustle her off. HR is being petty and, heh, Shang Cheng matches her petty for petty–while smiling. But he has had more practice at it.

“Come home with me.”
SC picks her up.
“I’ll yell if you do!”
SC smooches her.
“Nnnnow will you go home with me?”

And with Mr. Jin approaching, Hua Rong runs off.

Mr. Jin warns SC to behave. Dude, that is his wife and she isn’t exactly being forced (….this time.) Poor Mr. Jin. He’s a good dude and he doesn’t deserve this.

OH LOL HUA RONG IS CRYING INTO/BEATING UP HER PILLOW BECAUSE SHE KNOWS SHE DIDN’T HOLD OUT WHEN THERE WAS TONGUE INVOLVED. But Wanwan shows up to encourage her. They will stand firm! Incidentally, what is kissing like? HR has another giggle fit before they both remember THEY WILL STAND FIRM!!!

(Back at the contest pavillion, Shang Cheng is smirking like he’s going in for the Olympic Smugness Medal.) But, to business! The verbal competition is: riddles. So HR’s team susses out both the location the riddle points to, and the specific artwork they need to look at/get. SC has doubtless figured out the place (the Academy), but probably not the painting. Mr. Jin and Wanwan are to go to the Academy, while HR goes to the painting.

And HR is the first person to get there! Yay! HO NO HOW THE HELL DID SHANG CHENG GET THERE FIRST?! (Through the window.) How? Wellll, that she’ll have to find out on her own, gradually. Hah, HR puts her hand over her mouth so he can’t kiss her. (So he kisses her hand, aww, STOP BEING SMUG YOU SMUG BASTARD.) And exit Shang Cheng, via the window.

So HR goes to steal from his room while he’s in the bath. AAAAAND then turns around and yes, finds him behind her. (decently dressed and SMIRKING AGAIN GORRAMIT.) So Shang Cheng makes a deal: if she scrubs his back, he’ll send them the painting. HR is really patient….I’d have just held his head under at some point.

SC has switched out the painting with their engagement picture….and HR gets the giggles looking at it, too. You two are just dorks, you know.) Meanwhile, the Bros have arrived….they got outsmarted by Mr. Jin. (This is no great feat.) So. Mr. Jin succeeded in getting ahold of some books from the Academy, although HR failed to get the painting. Shang Cheng and the Bros are probably going to try and steal the books that night, which Mr. Jin assures HR ain’t gonna be easy. Now, on the other hand, how to get the painting? (Wanwan suggests money. HEH, HR and Jin both shoot that down at the same time.) Meanwhile, Shang Cheng is planning how to both steal the book and embarass Jin.

….unremarkably, both of the guys come up with the same idea: FIGHT.

SO! We start with a pose-off! The girls arrive while the sidekicks are still slow-mo ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS-ING ARE YOU KIDDING ME OH MY GOSH. And the next bet is for….how much they know about Hua Rong….LOSER TAKES A SHOT.
What rouge does HR like? Shang Cheng is pretty confident, because…..HE TRIED THEM ALL ON HIMSELF. Mr. Jin, on the other hand, knows that she must have bought it at his family’s store, so….round one is a tie.

What is the thing that HR fears? Mr. Jin wins–it’s fierce dogs….not spiders. OH LOL, it’s SHANG CHENG WHO HATES SPIDERS, HR was covering up for him, LOL. HE GOT THE OTHER GUYS TO KILL THE SPIDERS–and now has to take a shot. Shang Cheng, however, realizes that HR was covering for him, thanks her, and admits his fear when he drinks.

Rated: Poor Mr. Jin….


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