Lovely Swords Girl – Eps 6-15 – Review

lovely-swords-girl-2019-1So we left off with our heroine slowly getting used to–and then getting a little more than used to–her puppy-dog husband. The rest of the family is pretty happy with her, too: she’s chirpy, happy, energetic, and enlivens their oh-so-respectable household. Even the rude younger brothers are pretty okay once you get to know them. We can now recommence with the plot.

After the family steward betrayed them (though futilely, as he stole a decoy book), he took shelter in the house of the 13th Prince. Our heroine (Shengyou), and her brothers-in-law (2nd Brother and 3rd Brother) set out to get him back and what he knows. At this point, we know that the Ghost Domain Sect is blamed for wiping out several other sects to acquire their chapters of the famed Magic Code; and Shengyou’s Holy Medicine Sect is on the list next. What we very quickly find out is that:

– Ghost Domain sect is not behind the massacres.
– Ghost Domain sect is led by someone who knows Shengyou
– Shengyou promised to marry him when they were both about five years old and he takes this promise extremely seriously
– He won’t take “No,” “Release me!”, or “Gods-damnit Ai De Yushu, I AM ALREADY MARRIED, STOP CALLING ME YOUR WIFE” for an answer.

However, Ghost Domain sect refuses to try and explain things to the jiang hu world, firstly because the frame job is pretty good (their unique Slaughter Letter was stolen), and also because “FAT LIFE NEEDS NO EXPLAINATION!” (direct quote, although their particular fatness is caused by martial arts cultivation, not gluttony. So there’s that). The result of this is that they are attacked by an alliance of jiang hu sects, which (spoiler) Shengyou is narrowly able to convince of their innocence. The real culprits are the mysterious Shadow Sect, which is ruled by a mysterious masked man and his evil henchmen. (It’s 13th Prince, because he’s the only other named character in this show and also because he doesn’t disguise his voice.)

Meanwhile on the romance front! Puppy-dog was missing her so desperately and getting into so much trouble that 2nd Brother just finally takes him to go find Shengyou. She, still trying to beat it through Ai De Yushu’s head that she has a husband already, initially is overjoyed, thinking that this will help….

…it doesn’t.

Let’s just say that “menage a trois” is something that a person with a 70-point IQ is not going to really get at an instinctual level.

Shengyou finally gets to the point of feeding Puppydog an aphrodisiac so they can become a real couple and hopefully then Fatty Yushu will get the picture. So this she does, only for, with absolutely IMPECCABLE timing (seriously), a bunch of Shadow Sect ninjas to come crashing in the windows. Some stuff happens, there’s a fight, and Puppydog Husband falls off a cliff and nearly drowns.

Shengyou is taken prisoner by a Shadow Sect lackey/ally and forced to reveal what she knows of the Magic Code. She stalls as best as she can but is still forced to give the code over. Fortunately, a rescue party–2nd and 3rd Brothers–arrives. Unfortunately, the Magic Code secrets have given the bad guy enormous power, and he beats them all handily and shoves Shengyou into a rather unconvincing water death trap.

She is drowning!

But then! A handsome man breaks the mechanism, swims down, and retrieves her!

It’s her husband. He’s got his intelligence back, finally! But he also has lost his memories of the past two years. And he’s also a completely and utterly different person than the puppy she fell in love with. This guy is cool, controlled, dignified, and very concerned with propriety and appearances.–and it’s been rather cleverly set up, too, because he is the guy the two snooty brothers admire and try to emulate.

But anyway, he doesn’t remember his wife and she can’t accept the fact that this is a different person who doesn’t know–or love–her. How this plays out is Shengyou trying various ways to bring out the old, fun-loving puppy, and the real Husband getting frustrated that she doesn’t believe he has amnesia, the frustration escalating to anger, or just plain annoyance at the humiliating indignity of whatever she’s up to now. He finally writes out a divorce letter–and she takes it and goes home, much to the dismay of his family, who by now love her–and to his own ultimate dismay as well. He doesn’t remember, but he is having some flashbacks. And Shengyou is a lovable girl.

But nevertheless, the plot must go on. The Shadow Sect has all of the chapters of the Magic Code now, but they are in scrambled order and only the leader of Holy Medicine Sect knows how to unscramble them. Shengyou’s father is not going to succumb to torture or blandishments….so he is murdered and pressure is applied to Shengyou herself. 2nd and 3rd Brothers show up to try and coax their sister in law back home. Husband is there, too….lurking and brooding, and, to his credit, prepared to spring into action to help. But Shengyou has had enough. She has her own sect to run, and tells him once and for all, it’s in the past and good-bye.

Then, when she gets cornered by a couple of frat-bros in a back alley, a mysterious handsome man leaps over a wall to help her! It’s….

…I have no idea.

– the obligatory cross-dressing scene, and 3rd Brother’s complete dissatisfaction with the plan…
– any of the Ghost Domain Sect dancing.
– Shengyou’s dad thumbs-upping and winking at the (not so)-happy couple.

Rated: My phone has not yet died of coronavirus, and for this I am grateful.