Music With Rocks In – The Hu

“Well, I like this band called The Hu.”
“The who?”
“Yeah. They’re like a folk rock, folk metal band. You’ve probably never heard of them.”
“No, I’ve heard of them. The Who. Yeah, I know them.”
“The Hu?”
“I doubt it, they’re pretty new and trendy.”
“Riders, they are a famous rock band from the old days.”

“Hey, have you ever heard of The Hu?”
“I have, but not spelled like that.”
“Y–oh, heh, okay…”

Overheard on the job

“M, M, do you copy?”
“I copy, go ahead.”
“The llama just chased us out of the pasture and he’s got our tools still in there.”
“OK, copy. Can you reach them to get them out from the outside?”
“We just pulled the rake out but now he’s humping the shovel.”

“Hey, M, what would we use to knock out the llama?”
“What drug would we use to knock out the llama?”
“That’s what I thought you said.”

“Daisy, are you flirting with Batman?”

“Where is my [kitty]?”
“Excuse me, I think you mean my kitty.”
[from the next room] “You mean my kitty?”

“If you love something, let it go to its box.”

“I used to be the shy quiet kid who hardly talked to anyone.”
“That sure changed.”

[to a female wolf] “Kala, you are such a witch. And by witch, I mean bitch.”
“Did you just call Kala a bitch?”
“Biologically accurate.”