The Romance of Hua Rong – Ep 21

Miss Tang is, not creepily at all, drawing a painting of Shang Cheng in his Hero Yun He costume. Meanwhile, back at Wanwan and Mr. Jin–Mr Jin is staring at the dart that killed the Three Arrow guy. He knows what it is, and who uses it!–it’s the steward of his brother’s palace. But, of course, there are many people who use those kinds of darts in the world….but then his Sidekick arrives: they have been watching the Steward, and have observed him meeting a Mysterious Masked Man….

Mr. Jin goes out to observe himself and listen in on the conversation. The Steward is reporting that Shang Cheng is definitely Yun He, based on Tang Chudie’s reaction to him. And now both jade pieces are at Mengdie Villa–SC has one, and Tang Feng (the father) has the other. Oh, this guy is the spying dude from before.

Mr. Jin and Sidekick plan to observe and not react at this point. They know the Steward is involved and probably the Prince? IDK if they’ve sussed that out yet. And especially don’t tell Wanwan.
Meanwhile back at Mengdie Villa, Shang Cheng is getting thrown out of his wife’s rooms in his underwear. Good times.

For additional salt in the wounds, Miss Tang has personally prepared and sent breakfast for the boys….only the boys: Hua Rong’s breakfast was allegedly delivered separately. Lol, Shaggy has unexpectedly become the voice of wisdom for the series. Issue one is: get back into Hua Rong’s good graces. Issue two is: find the white jade. Blue Bro has an idea! Let Operation Jealousy commence!….again.

Anyhow, Miss Tang lies again that she doesn’t have the white jade. HR wants to investigate the hidden room, still, however. So while Shang Cheng offers to leave, she offers to stay.

So our couple communicates!….after a fashion.

GOOD LORD MISS TANG IS OBSESSED. But meanwhile, Mr. Ye arrives with more bad news: they know Shang Cheng is THAT Shang Cheng, the pirate. Also, that he has been after the white jade from the beginning.

Meanwhile, HR is investigating! She finds a shrine set up, oddly enough with clothes, weapons, and no name on the tablet–but triggers an alarm anyway….and gets caught. Obsessive???? You’re one to talk, Miss Tang. But, the box that should apparently have the white jade is missing. Hua Rong certainly didn’t take it. Mr. Ye is about to beat some answers out of her when, NATURALLY, Shang Cheng arrives.

Oh, Miss Tang knows the box is supposed to be a decoy of some sort.
SC, meanwhile, is studying the weapons. There’s a spiked meteor hammer–it was the weapon his father used. What the hell is it doing here?….and why does Miss Tang say “Uncle Qin?” ???

Turns up that her father and SC’s adopted father were sworn brothers in their youths. The shrine was set up secretly eight years prior, and that’s about all Miss Tang knows. She can take them to see her father, but this doesn’t make HR any happier with the situation. But SC grovels a bit and she forgives him a bit and we’re back to business. You guys….

SC doesn’t completely trust Miss Tang anyway. HR agrees, but Miss Tang doesn’t seem like a liar. They’ve just got to check things out and wait.

Anyhow, Miss Tang’s maid is hardcore shipping Miss Tang and Shang Cheng–and bashing Hua Rong. She advises Miss Tang to show off her advantages to SC–it won’t be breaking up a couple, it’ll be saving Mr. Qin from misery and suffering! It doesn’t take very much to convince Miss Tang.

It also doesn’t take very much to convince Hua Rong. Lol, the handmaiden is packing fit for a beauty contest.

Lol: Blue Bro honestly trying to warn Shang Cheng about the incipient catfight–just gets ignored.

Also lol: Hua Rong starts packing strategically herself….books to show she’s well-educated…sexy underwear….unfortunately, it’s Mr. Ye who walks in the door next. He wants to cooperate with her: he’s in love with Miss Tang. (or so he claims. I don’t trust anybody in Mengdie Villa at this point).

The war begins the next morning in the carriage. And it is vicious from the first moment on.

Meanwhile! Back in…somewhere The Steward is meeting with the hostess of the inn our heroes are about to lodge at. He instructs her to steal the white jade from the man who is like a bully. Hmmmmm.

Heh, Miss Tang volunteers to make the food (she’s not showing off this time, just being cautious.) Mr. Ye volunteers Hua Rong to help her….at which point SC viciously kicks Blue Bro into taking her place. It doesn’t work….LOL, Shang Cheng instantly loses his smile at the idea that she’ll actually, y’know, cook….this is contradicting her ability to remember recipes and recreate dishes from Episode 1, you know, guys…

Heh, Shang Cheng swears that he will love to eat whatever she does end up cooking. Shaggy, meanwhile, reports that the coast seems pretty clear.

And, uh oh–the madam appears to have been able to sneak the poison into Hua Rong’s food regardless. Miss Tang suspects, but doesn’t say anything.

So the meal chugs along slowly, with the girls introducing and explaining and naming each dish in detail. Mr. Ye supports Hua Rong and lol, Shang Cheng finally asks if they can just eat….

Miss Tang does finally act, though, when she thinks SC is going to eat the dish that got poisoned. She overturns the plate and flees the room. The madam is watching in trepidation meanwhile. But HR is puzzled–she knows perfectly well that Miss Tang isn’t doing it out of pique, like she pretends. And HR, naturally, figures it out by the next scene.

Also, SC is setting them all up for an attack by ninjas, but it’s all on purpose. The girls are ready to fight! And the guys arrive as needed! But, ugh, Shang Cheng, after one token save of Hua Rong, leaves Mr. Ye to protect her and goes off to fight with Miss Tang. Who, it must be said, hardly needs help. She pretty cool, yeah! But Hua Rong is left to seethe with all-new jealousy.



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