The Romance of Hua Rong – Ep 22

So while the fighting was going on, SC’s fake jade got stolen by the landlady. They follow her to a brothel….heh, and the girls get told to stay outside. Blue Bro frets at this….and, heh, the girls gave them the slip and went in anyway, CUNNINGLY disguised as musicians. And HEH, the guys recognize their girls instantly anyway. Mr. Ye is desperate to get his Miss Tang out of there, but! it appears those girls have been already tagged by the VVIP!

Mr. Ye is worried sick, but Shang Cheng is, at this point, a lot more philosophical. It’s not like this doesn’t happen all the time in his life, am I right?

The VIP is the Steward, and he knows that it’s them! Also, he has ninjas. He also knows that the boys are going to be along shortly. They come along, knowing that it’s a trap, prepared to fight their way through.

But Miss Tang has an ace up her sleeve! Magic/Weaponized music! She gets them free of the ninjas and back together with the boys–and then the Bros crash in, having dealt with the rest of the outside ninjas. Lol, The Steward gets incredibly ticked off at this point. He throws a handful of the coin darts at them (everyone’s love interest leaps to the defence….and the Bros grab hold of each other,) and dives out the window.

And Mr. Jin shows up!

So they gather to discuss. They escaped by the skin of their teeth regardless and need to recoup. Hua Rong, on the other hand, is merely brooding over how cool Miss Tang is.

But they have figured out that the ultimate villain is Mr. Jin’s older brother, the Prince. He isn’t happy to admit this, but what needs to be said and done needs to be said and done. There is also another matter: oh, the spy at Mengdie Villa. It isn’t Mr. Ye, is it? But they now have to go find Miss Tang’s father in a hurry.

He’s meditating in a cave….and it’s not actually him. He attacks when SC introduces himeself, and Miss Tang throws herself in front of the darts.
FIGHT SCENE! But the survivor, AGAIN COMITS SUICIDE. They now don’t know where Tang Dad is, and Miss Tang needs treatment. Shang Cheng sends Mr Jin off for medicine (HR goes with him); and himself starts Force-Healing her. He looks very grim at the prospect, it must be said.

Miss Tang protests she did it in repayment for Hero Yun He saving her three years ago. She was inspired by his words (protect herself and be better at fighting if you’re wanting to be a heroine), and has been practicing assiduously. She’s way better at fighting than Hua Rong! She also knows he loves Hua Rong and she really doesn’t have a chance…but she’ll keep trying honestly anyway. (Lol, subs translate jiang hu as “runescape.”)

Hua Rong is there to hear Shang Cheng explain gently that he only loves one woman and that’s his wife (CAN WE STOP WITH THE JEALOUSY CATFIGHTING NOW ALREADY?)–but Miss Tang is persistent. She only wants to be a companion with her hero in jiang hu and adventure on. That’s actually not true, isn’t it? Miss Tang is actually more of a feminine woman who would be good at being married/being a wife. It’s Hua Rong who is the restless, adventurous spirit. I kind of do like how this show keeps setting up parallels to the characters: Hua Rong / Miss Tang, Shang Cheng / the enemy brother guy….

But Mr. Jin is there also to commiserate with HR. OH GOOD GRIEF SHE NOW THINKS THEY DESERVE EACH OTHER??? WHAT THE HELL. Mr. Jin, at least, tells her to get it throuh her head that Shang Cheng LOVES HER SHEESH ALREADY. But right now, HR is feeling inadequate and isn’t listening to sense. AGAIN. So Mr. Jin does the bro thing and tells Shang Cheng to go talk to his freaking wife, he’ll look after the invalid.

So they talk it over. At length. So kiss already!!

Hua Rong promises Miss Tang to find her father. Miss Tang is going to head back to the Villa; if her father has escaped, he’ll go there first. So they all head back. And promptly get a message arrow: exchange the white jade for the Master. it’s signed with a bloody handprint.

They plan to gather and make a plan (THE TRAITOR GUY IS THERE!) (Mr. Jin recuses himself, meanwhile.) The traitor is in favor of giving up the white jade. Mr. Ye thinks that a fake jade might be used for the exchange, because they do need to rescue the Master. Miss Tang is in favor of using the real jade and then snatching it back. Hua Rong thinks this is not a good idea–their enemy is clever, and also has lots of men. Shang Cheng says that he can deal with it! Hua Rong yells at him and storms out. Please tell me this is a show they’re putting on for the traitor…? HR grabs the real jade and sneaks out, watched and followed by Traitor.

He pounces! Hua Rong is taken! Why is she grinning!

It was a trap; they now know the headquarters location of the bad guys.

So: how do two people (with reinforcements on the way, naturally) attack an entire camp of soldier/ninjas? LOL: Hua Rong says that SC is great when it comes to naval warfare, because he’s a pirate, and excellent at lone heroics, because Yun He–but when it comes to attacking overland camps, she’s a general’s daughter and he’d better follow her lead. Lead on, General.

The plan is for SC to set the granary on fire, while HR finds the guarded location that the Tang Master must be being held at. They get him–
–they get back outside….how is this going to go wrong now??

Rated: there’s only two more episodes and I’m sad…


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