Book Haul

Due to a very generous tip from some people who really oughtn’t’ve, I was able to hit up a bookstore that has been on my list for a long time. So we’re looking at:

  • Agent of Chaos – Norman Spinrad (never heard of it, looks interesting)
  • The Hobbit – JRR Tolkien (Needed an extra copy since I’m giving my illustrated edition to my niece. Have offered it to one of the other interns who inexplicably likes the movie.)
  • The Star Kings – Edmund Hamilton (Don’t have)
  • Great Science Fiction Adventures – Edmund Hamilton anthology (Don’t have)
  • The Star of Life – Edmund Hamilton (Don’t have)
  • The Ginger Star – Leigh Brackett (Never, um, finished)
  • Roadmarks – Roger Zelazny (Didn’t have)
  • Warriors of Blood and Dream – Zelazny-edited anthology (It’s got Zelazny’s name on it, it ought to be good, right?)
  • A Wizard in Bedlam – Christopher Stasheff (Sometimes you just want to spend time with your old friends.)

At least some SF book reviews to appear shortly!

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