A Conversation

“Oh, so we can strip-mine the moon now, apparently.”
“According to what I’m seeing here. Oh, it’s encouraging the commercial interests of space. Nice!”
“That isn’t nice.”
“What? No, it’s great! We can go out and mine comets–we can mine asteroids–”
“So the Earth wasn’t good enough, we can just go f*ck up other places and cause irreparable damage to them, too…”
“Hey, if we can mine the moon we can stop strip-mining like, the Amazon rainforest. we can stop mining and deforesting and causing habitat loss everywhere else…”
“Yes, but we don’t know what’s going to happen.”
“This is science fiction happening right in front of us! It’s awesome!”
“But we don’t know what’s going to happen!”
“Yeah, but it’s better if something happens, it happens up on the moon where there’s nothing alive.”
“What if it messes up the tides? And then it messes up the oceans, and then it messes with the air currents, and then we’re all going to die from typhoons and tsunamis…”
“We’re already all going to die.”
“Yeah, but now we’re going to die sooner. I mean, are you seeing what I’m getting at?”
“You’re not a science fiction person. I’m seeing you as the blonde environmentalist babe who gets educated by the spaceman guy.”
“OKAY, this blonde hair is FAKE.”
“Yeah, well, to be fair most spacemen don’t score blondes.”
“No, they don’t.”

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