Movie Review – Eight Below – sad with puppies

“What is this one about?”
“I’m not going to spoil it for you guys, I’m sorry. You’ll just have to watch it.”
“….M2 said it’s sad. Do the dogs die?”
“No spoilers!”
“Do they eat the dogs?”
“This is a Disney movie, Riders!”
“So this is based on a Japanese movie, and in that one there were nine dogs and seven died.”
“And that was based on a real story and…oh my gosh. There were fifteen dogs and only two survived.”
“Now I don’t know if I want to watch this either.”
“Seven of them died chained up!”
“Yeah, and you know the people didn’t even go back on purpose to look for the dogs. They just left them and went back a year later to do more research.”
“People SUCK.”
“But Max is a good boy!”
“Maya is the best girl!”
“She really is…”
“Does the aurora actually reflect on the snow like that?”
“You might want to step outside at this part, Riders.”
“Are they ok now?”
“Go back outside!”
“Like we care about him!”
“No, he’s been traveling around this whole time trying to get funding to go back.?”
“Oh. Well, ok then.”
“I’m literally watching the credits to make sure they put the dogs’ names there. Because this movie? Was all theirs.”


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