6 Science-Fiction Rules For Life: A Solution to Chaos (enhanced edition)

So inspired by (a 12 Rules list which was made by someone who hadn’t ever read much science fiction) and the fact that I occasionally remember this is supposed to be an SF book blog, here’s a partial repost of my science-fiction infused take on some of the things you can use to Make Sense of It All and survive.

Rule One: Never act incautiously when facing a small wrinkly bald smiling old man! (Pratchett)

Hokey religions and ancient prophecies are no match for a good blaster at your side. (Star Wars)

– When in doubt:1275681680230

– Learn the attitude of the knife–of chopping off what’s incomplete and saying ‘Now it’s complete, because it’s ended here.’ (Dune)

I’m sorry, Grandfather. You’ve met the Atreides gom jabbar.

Good engineers build triple redundancy. (The Golden Oecumene)

Do not call up that which you cannot put down. (Lovecraft, The Strange Case of Charles Dexter Ward.)

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