Love and Destiny – Ep 24 – CDrama Recap

We’re back at the execution grounds, to see if it all worked. The Cauldron McGuffin is there….Jiu Chen is crying a single manly tear…? It worked? I mean, of course it worked, she’s the heroine, but…Back at the south pole with Antler Puppy, though…he hands of Puppy to the old man there and goes to one of the rooms to do stuff.

UH OH. Her soul isn’t condensed into the Cauldron the way he was hoping it would. So he…turns into a dragon and is flying around? He’s able to throw more power at it but then that means he uses more power. And of course, collapses.

The old guy sends out a messenger pidgeon, so Yun Feng and Qing Yao arrive quickly. They find the fire spirit there keeping him alive.

Meanwhile, Advisor is busy sweet-talking Phoenix Queen out of the penalties for attacking people on the execution grounds. The Emperor has to be diplomatic, so that ends well. What may not end as well is when Advisor has to go talk to Phoenix Queen himself. He has to order his men to stay back and NOT make any move whatsoever no matter what happens. Have I ever mentioned that I really like Advisor? He probably is going to end up being evil, but I really do like the calm way he does things and the fact that he’s been very sweet to people I like so far.

But, back to the point: Phoenix Queen is pissed. She orders his arrest. He wants to know what crime he’s actually done? She replies: you’ve been a grand vizier, so basically WHATEVER YOU’VE EVER DONE IS EVIL, I NOW DECREE IT. So he’s in jail, now, and flashing back to being a bullied kid that the kid Phoenix Queen protected and was nice to. His father and family were accused of collaborating with the Demon tribe. He was pardoned, but…

Another flashback: Phoenix Queen….did she arrest/kill her father? It looks like, and he helped her with the coup. Given that he killed her husband and indirectly her kid, nice.
In the present: she comes to have a talk with Advisor. What she’s really mad at is that he basically didn’t know her daughter was still alive and she only learned it at the execution. He replies that she never really trusted him or kept her word to him, either.

They had an agreement: he wanted to personally kill her father and he’d help her gain the throne in return. She says: his family’s death was his fault? HE WAS JUST A KID AT THE TIME HOW COULD IT BE HIS FAULT? OK, so now he’s pissed. He says he was forced. [Edit: he was literally tortured into it at the age of TEN. Sheesh.]

She says: I have to be a diplomatic Queen here who pays attention to state matters….whereas you, a prince of your own tribe, valued your own pathetic life above that of the state. If you want revenge: just go take it in hell.–you owe me my daughter’s life and you will not be able to repay.

He says: I told you the truth when I saw a freaking mountain fall on your freaking daughter. As for everything else, if you want to blame me, go right ahead–bitch.


He says: I have nothing more to say.

Well. Damn. I really liked the vibe with an oblivious Queen and a devious but loyal Advisor. Now that’s ruined.

So Jiu Chen wakes up. The fire thingy kept him alive but now he can never use magic again. UH OH DID THEY MISS THE DEADLINE?! If he goes now, he’ll die. Jiu Chen says: SO WHAT, NO YUN FENG I DO NOT CARE IF I SACRIFICE MY LIFE FOR THE WOMAN I LOVE HAVE YOU NOT NOTICED THAT YET? Sheesh.

Meanwhile, turns out Qing Yao and Junior Fox Bro were both adopted by Medicine Dad and he raised them like his own. They were very close….Yun Feng has to spell it out for Qing Yao that Jiu Chen likes Ling Xi. Also, he likes Qing Yao. Qing Yao: leaves.

So: Jiu Chen has made it to the cleansing pool, and he’s got Ling Xi’s body (bird mode). It’s go time. Si Ming shows up (as he’s tenderly stroking her feathers) with some encouraging words. The mortal journey will be short and then everything will be better…

Cut to: a baby being found at the door of an orphanage. Cut to….soooooo….it seems like some noble woman is having to fake having a baby? Lol. Meanwhile at the orphanage, an older man (Lin Somethingorother)decides that he is going to adopt the baby as the Eldest Lin Daughter. Nice. And he gives baby a kiss! Awww.

OK, back inside: Old Lady Lin is wondering why the labor is taking so long…LOL, the lady is wondering “why the child is not here yet”….literally. And the guy in on it is the husband. OK….why? LOL, mom lady making painful birth noises while the others coo over the girl…WAIT GIRL?! She’s upset to see that it’s a girl, for some reason. (Jiu Chen and Si Ming are hanging out invisible, watching…DUDE do not spy on your girlfriend as a baby, it’s creepy.) ((Old Lady Lin is just happy that the wife produced a baby, girl or not.))

So: Ling Xi only needs to survive one life–but it has to be painful.

Back in Peach Forest, Yun Feng and Qing Yao are…meeting. Let’s just say it’s in line with their personalities in general. He is (eventually) able to reassure her that her sister is all right, but gets rather distracted by the fact that she has actually touched his hand.

Back with Ling Xi in the mortal realm: Mom Lady appears to be doing a good job at her job. Also, she has a jade ring on her finger. It’s emphasized for some reason. What is going on? OOOOOOOHHHH, Ling Xi is deaf? Is that it? Ahh, it’s because of that stupid Blue Guard guy.

Fortunately, there is a new doctor in town….


But Qing Yao can’t cure it, a fact that upsets her almost as much as it does Mom Lady.

I’m not really liking the look on Mom Lady’s face now, or the fact that she’s closing all the windows….and picking up a pillow….Oh boy…..