Love and Destiny – CDrama Recap – ep 25

So Old Lady Lin now has two daughters in law, and two granddaughters. Guess which one she likes? Guess which one she shows gross favoritism to? Guess which one is a spoiled brat who won’t even let her friends play with little Lin Mo?

Anyhow, Dad comes back a little early. And…he’s good to both his daughters, fortunately. But Old Lady is there to ruin the situation. Gosh. Why would anyone want to live with their mothers?

So Lin Mo is studying alone in her room that evening and Jiu Chen poofs in to check on her. Dude, do not hang around your girlfriend when she’s a preteen, it’s creepy. But it looks like Lil Lin Mo has a date with Daddy. He’s taking her out for a treat! That’s so nice. I’m glad she gets someone who loves her. Also, she can read lips and use sign language. Dad is also trying to teach her to speak, looks like.

He’s gone and joined the Medicine Bureau, so now he can have more time at home and protect her from bullying. Lin Mo, bless her heart, declares that she’s never been bullied while he was gone. Turns out, she was teasing Lin Brat’s friends, and when they realized she could understand what they were saying, they stopped.

Dad gives her a nice necklace (Hey, it looks like the one Hua Rong has). He is also trying multiple methods of teaching Lin Mo to read and speak. Jiu Chen is still watching (dude did anyone not tell you that’s creepy?) but he poofs out, apparently satisfied.

Meanwhile, back at Demon Tower, Yuan Tong’s fiance is there to see her off. She doesn’t look at him. In the circumstances, though….who would? Inside, the prisoners are pretty excited to see the new meat…Blue Guy arrives, along with Imp. But he ain’t worried–he just wants to see how long she lasts.

Back at home: Daddy Lin gets a visit from someone…meanwhile, Little Sis is seeing the opportunity to bully Lin Mo, who is napping. She’s going to steal her necklace! Little wretched brat!

It appears that there’s been an outbreak or something, which the Medicine Division must deal with. So Dad is going to be busy pretty soon. Is Qing Yao going to show up? Mo doesn’t complain about her necklace, just reassures Dad a little, seeing that he’s disturbed.

Meanwhile in the Phoenix Kingdom, Random Guy from the past episode is meeting with the Queen. She’s more concerned with the fact that Advisor said something than what was said, and, lol, she’s not going to seek help from Heaven. But she is trying to make alliances with other nations. Princess overhears. Also, uh oh, Phoenix Queen has a cough.

HAH she admits, even just to herself, she has never governed or done anything regal before. And, sheesh, if you have to send your old nanny to carry important treaties to other realms in secret, you’re doing things pretty wrong.

Fortunately/unfortunately?? Phoenix Princess is following and spying.

Meanwhile, the orc commander is expecting a message from, OH SHIT, from Advisor?!

Rebel gloats a little about this, they should attack. But Orc Commander thinks it might be a trap, Advisor is really smart and cunning. But overall, they’re going to attack.

And attack they do.

The Phoenix response is to beg the Queen to let the Advisor free, let him atone for his sins by leading their armies. She refuses and says that they will have help soon.

Buuuuut, meanwhile, they’re being attacked now.

Phoenix Princess, meanwhile, is a lot more direct. She lets Advisor out of his cage. She’s stolen the token and presumably murdered the messenger. Advisor is pretty pissed to hear this, but when his other loyalists arrive, he does leave with them. But they can hear the noise of battle and people calling for help….he’s very conflicted. Do the right thing, man! He does! He tells them to take the Princess and go ahead.–she protests. He snaps at her, “Be obedient!” And she does go, heh.

And he grabs a sword and jumps into the fray. OK, I LOVE HIM. Even better, he’s managed to save a substantial group of refugees. But he tells them: the Phoenix Tribe no longer exists. Run and hide. I am no longer your leader. They don’t like this idea, but it becomes necessary to run anyway, because Student Rebel (and Rebel Rebel’s sword) arrive. Advisor can hold off Student easily, but he’s not yet a match for the Rebel Rebel.


Princess insists on waiting only a little ways away. Also, the tribe has been overrun. The palace is taken and so is Advisor. Princess, it must be pointed out, is the exact wrong person to be in charge of anything, let alone rebuilding a state.

So Advisor is now strung up in chains being taunted by Rebel. Advisor taunts him right the hell back. Hah, Rebel point-blank tells him to start begging, that’s the way it’s supposed to go. Why is Orc Commander looking so shifty all the time? Uh oh! Rebel has thrown an attack at him that seals his magic off and blocks his vitality.

Basically, only the Phoenix Queen can save him now…and he’s back in his cage.

Orc Commander, though, shows up….but when Student Rebel also walks up, begins to taunt him. They’re suspicious of each other, aren’t they. Orc Commander walks off…and a couple of the guards hit the ground (Orc got them). Random Guy has shown up! He stuns Student Rebel and opens the cage.

Meanwhile, back in the forest, Princess recieves the message that he’s escaped. And now they must also. See, Princess could become a better person, if only she gets slapped around enough and also shown the right way.

Yuan Tong is in the Demon Tower, ignoring Blue Guy. And, hah, Blue Guy tells the Imp to shut up and stop trying to make trouble now that he can hear. So, naturally, Yuan Tong starts talking to the Imp. Well, some people are cut out for prison and some of them aren’t. (Blue Guy used to work for the God of Fire. He’s been in there 70,000 years, and he claims that it’s unjust and he was framed. Also, he’s planning to escape and ask why.)

Shi San and Jiu Chen have a conversation. Which is to say, Shi San talks until Jiu Chen silently chases her off…this is probably because he’s back keeping an eye on Lin Mo. Lin Mo is being a useful girl and scrubbing clothes.

OH THE BRAT, her sister melted down the necklace and dares her to do something, Grandma will protect her. What a little brat. Jiu Chen is doing what he can to comfort her without interfering…which isn’t a whole lot. But hey. Flowers.