Love and Destiny – CDrama Recap – ep 27

Jiu Chen, STOP HANGING AROUND YOUR GIRLFRIEND AS A PRETEEN, IT’S CREEPY. But it’s also kind of adorable when Lin Mo thanks the peach tree for flowering.

So Yuan Tong is talking to Blue Guy. He tells her that he didn’t provoke her, so shut up and leave him alone. But she keeps talking: does he not want to know about the god of fire? Does he not want to hear what people say about him? I’m feeling rather sorry for Blue Guy, because this just keeps happening to him–evil people just keep telling him things and tormenting and manipulating him. Yuan Tong tells him that the god of fire is probably about to reach his end/die after all this time. So….oh boy. She tells him to break the McGuffin and leave. Yuan Tong, Yuan Tong. Gotta give it to the girl. Once she makes up her mind to be evil, she goes all the way.

So the guards outside the Tower send for help, but, naturally, don’t go inside. Meanwhile, Jiu Chen is sensing the damage.

Yuan Tong didn’t know that the McGuffin was also/actually Jiu Chen’s heart. I don’t know what she’s going to do with this information…and, meanwhile, OH YOU BITCH. When the rescue party arrives she goes and “holds off” Blue Guy heroically. What a fucking BITCH. Thunder god was the one who responded first and Jiu Chen poofs in somewhat late to the party, for some reason.

Meanwhile, Shi San is in Si Ming’s fate hall and Yun Feng walks in. He wants someone to drink with…Shi San volunteers, lol.

Yun Feng next goes over to the healer’s hall where one of his other buddies is being treated by Yuli for an accidental injury. He has his shirt partially off and is really happy to have Yuli on duty…whereas Yuli runs off to go see Jiu Chen. Qing Yao and Yun Feng run off also. Lol, the injured guy is left to sulk with everyone gone.

Yuli has the usual luck with Jiu Chen, especially after volunteering to take his pulse. Qing Yao sweeps past and does it instead, heh. See, I don’t mind Yuli when she’s cute and ineffectual. I also like Qing Yao when she’s being icy and regal, and she’s in full form today.


Meanwhile! Yun Feng is trying to ask Qing Yao out on a date. She’s having none of it and is pretending or maybe just actually being dense. So Yun Feng has to spell it out for her: Hey. I like you, would you like to like me back? But Qing Yao loves her husband from before, and also her independence. She’s not interested in men. Good day, sir.

Yuan Tong is out on probation and back in the army. The girl has not learned any lessons.

Back in Phoenix land, the Princess is being bratty regarding food and pretty much ignoring the fact that this is all they have and she should behave herself. And, uh oh, Student Rebel just found her. Her guards come running but he tears through them in seconds.

She tries to bargain. She’s not very good at it. After that, she tries crocodile tears. This, amazingly, works slightly better. Lol, “quickly remove my clothes and examine it!” Student: eyes bug out. But, once he’s close enough, she stuns him and, hah, hogties him from a tree. LOOOOOL. So, this is one area where being a psycho princess with a whip is going to serve her well: she’s got no remorse about torturing him. Nice. Bbbbut he escapes the rope she and has to run away again. I really like Phoenix Princess because she still has the potential to be a heroine, right??? But she also makes me a bit nervous. Also, if this is the start of another romance plotline, I really hope it ends with Student being reformed and not Princess getting demonized. Or both of them dying. ARGH THIS SHOW!!

Back in the mortal world, Qing Yao is still running a clinic. Aaaaand Yun Feng crashes the line. Lol. He wants to be diagnosed with “lovesickness,” LOL and the rest of the patients rally to her aid and kick the pervert out….literally. LOL. But anyway, he then takes her to go see someone…”Lord Fang”–her former husband, looks like. So, this guy has been living a really good life ever since he was killed by the gods: good fortune, good wife, many kids, going to die in his sleep…

Qing Yao does’t go to talk to him. There’s no point. Instead, she and Yun Feng take cover from the rain and meet a pregnant lady. She is in poor health but really wants a kid for her husband’s sake, he loves kids. Anyhow, blah blah kids, love lasts lifetimes, etc. (Oops, it’s his wife).

Anyhow, blah blah, Qing Yao reminisces and Yun Feng keeps her company in the rain. I really like Qing Yao, but this is rather boring.

It picks up a little when she starts drinking (lol, she says the really only good thing about him was that he made really delicious porridge.) So anyhow, Yun Feng puts her to bed, aaaaaaand then he has A Bright Idea.

(….Yun Feng. a) Have any of your bright ideas ever worked? No? b) WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU UP TO BOY??)


– One hundred and eighty-six insect traps
– Two flat tires
– Three tire shops
– One state park
– Four conservation areas
– Two floods
– One groundhog killed, zero turtles, squirrels, snakes, armadillos, or skunks
– One raccoon (live)
– One overturned truck
– One tractor
– One carriage
– Eight tickbites
– Ten minutes of overtime
– 3.75 counties
– Two hundred and eighty-one to go