two shadows snippet

Corson was on his knees, and found he had to think very carefully about his next sequence of actions—continue to hold sword in right hand, continue to hold head up, remain alert for, well, not things approaching from the front, where the fire roared, but anyone from the side or flank. But there was nothing but groans and a few whimpers in those directions, and it seemed possible, at this point, to lower his left arm from shielding his face.

He did, careful not to look towards the white-searing flames.

He became aware of a presence beside him. It was Jerolt, leaning on a spear and paler than a living man ought to be. His armor was splashed with blood that was other men’s as well as his own, the robes beneath it torn and soiled, and the bandages tied about his leg had bled through, blue cloth becoming deep purple that was almost black. But his voice was rich and smooth and steady as though he spoke in his own house to his near friend. “zan-Tella.”

Corson’s voice was thick and muddled, even to his own ears. “My lord.”

“I am grateful you came to my aid, brother. I am glad that we stood together, even once. It is an honor to me.”

He was strong enough to stand, after all; and to grasp his sword in both hands, and to bow to the blood-stained poet with the haunted eyes. For a moment, bowing, his vision wavered again and he blinked hard. He cast two shadows: one a dark pool beneath his feet, one thin and wavering, stretching away from the fire.

Jerolt cast none at all.

Love and Destiny – CDrama recap – ep 28

So. I’m officially starting to regard this series in rather the same light as The Romance of Hua Rong–addictive, hilarious, wonderful stuff that’s more addictive than sugar-coated crack–because now a bunch of the plot can be summarized in the same way that RoHR could: what is this crazy boy going to do next? And given that Jiu Chen is an actual god, that’s a question that can really push the limits of the imagination…

So it appears Jiu Chen has finally let the rain go, beause Lin Mo is limping home on her own (but he is hanging around the corner watching. What the heck is that smirk for?) Anyhow, Dad was just about to go look for her.

So Jiu Chen is wandering off somewhere elsewhere…look, dude, go do god of war stuff somewhere. Oh, he’s about to plant the magic seed. And he’s doing some other magic, too….ok….turning a deserted villa into a livable home, looks like. Peach Blossom Lodge. OK. WHAT IS THE BOY PLANNING NOW???

So later that night, Lin Mo is finding that her ankle is just about fine now, but thinking back on what happened earlier. Dad wanders up…he has something on his mind. It’s that she’s getting married and he’s a little worried about the future son-in-law. Why does a so-called scholar need martial arts? What about this guy’s career? What if they move far away? Aw. Well, that’s a Dad for you.

But Lin Mo tells him she’s already met the young master (young???), and he knows sign language. Dad is very encouraged.

They practice speaking a little more. Lol, Dad really wants “Dad” to be her first word. But then again, “husband” is the second one. Welp.

So the Song Family steward comes by to visit. He’s brought a birthday present from the future in-laws: some really nice fabrics. But Little Sis shows up to be bratty and spoil things. She’s also eating their candy, heh. Oh gosh, this girl is such a freaking utter brat! Good lord. Little Sis drops some rumors about the Young Lord Song. Oh gosh, this girl needs such a slap. And while Lin Mo can’t hear most of the poisonous words, she does see enough.

But on the other hand, she can also remember Young Lord Song AKA Jiu Chen tenderly fondling her ankle, so there’s that…

So later, at the family dinner, Grandma is being suspiciously happy and Lil Sis is smug. Oh, Grandma is just happy that she’s getting married and moving out, looks like. But Lin Mo thanks her for being nice anyway. Mom Lady is just being blank and stoic. Oh, ha, the peach tree flowers every year on her birthday, and this has led to the rumor of her being protected by the fairies.

Meanwhile, Lil Sis is hanging around eavesdropping. She’s going to cut the tree down, isn’t she?

Lin Mo comes out to have a bit of a brood by the tree, meanwhile. She decides just to be careful and take it one step at a time. And tells the tree as much, awww. Awwww, she asks the tree if it likes her. That is so sweet and innocent. OH BOY.

So, its the birthday morning, and Grandma’s special birthday dish has arrived. (and the tree is blooming). But Lin Mo goes somewhere else to eat it? Oh, she takes it to her mother. Dad has gone off to work. So Lin Mo tries to give them to Mom, but Mom doesn’t want. Lin Mo has to remind Mom that a) it’s her last birthday here in the house, b) yes she knows Mom has never liked her, c) she’s the heroine here so she’s by golly going to be a good daughter even just this once.

Mom admits that she has been distant, but it’s not because she dislikes Lin Mo…it’s probably because she’s afraid of pissing off Qing Yao, right? Mom also tells her not to let people bully her when she’s gone, and then they sit down to eat the noodles.

Everything is going so nicely, I’m really dreading what’s going to happen when all the wheels fall off this plotline.

Aaaand thus they do. By the time Lin Mo comes back to her room, the peach tree has been chopped down. And Lil Sis shows up to gloat. She even carefully walks around in front of Lin Mo so she can lip-read her gloating. Oh my gosh. This girl needs SUCH A SLAP.

And then Lil Sis’s mother shows up to have the servants throw the tree out. Lin Mo has a couple of small branches that she picked up herself and she’s just taking a moment to…hah, that didn’t last long.

A woodcutter comes by and starts trying to cut it up, lol. (dude is worse at using an axe than I am).*

So she wanders off again just as Jiu Chen pops out of the woods behind her. DUDE WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO NOW?

Oh. As she’s walking the trees around her start to bloom…

So. Somewhere else, there’s a busy street scene and a solitary young woman walking down it. Who is…OH! It’s Phoenix Princess (Baoqing). She’s about to be accosted by a couple of scoundrels.

Fortunately for them she also has Advisor’s Henchman with her, who saves their lives (it’s the mortal world and using magic would be a bad idea.) and drags her off to safety. They don’t know where Advisor is, but he’s not in the Phoenix realm anymore. And they are, naturally, urgently seeking him.

Meanwhile at the Lin house, the wedding gifts have arrived. Lil Sis is there, doubtless to make trouble again. But even Grandma is in a really good mood still. And so is Mom Lady, for once.

She even comes to see Lin Mo that evening: oh, it’s The Talk, is it? (Well, the matrimonial Chinese version of it, anyway.) In essence: OBEY YOUR HUSBAND WOMAN CREATURE. Mom also has a hairpin for her from her mother. Aw. (Lil Sis is going to try and steal it, won’t she?) Mom isn’t even her biological mother but this is very sweet.

I’m getting REALLY scared now.

Outside, there’s another thunderstorm. (There’s been a lot of them lately, it appears.) But the nice thing about being deaf is that you get to sleep right through thunderstorms. So meanwhile, it looks like Qing Yao got caught in the rain, too. She steps into a convenient inn…oh, not convenient. It’s for government officials only….fortunately??? Lord Fang provides cover. But then he follows up with a “Have we met?”

And then a couple of soldiers arrive. It’s raining so hard they might be stuck there.

And then one of the servant women is begging the manager to send for a doctor for her son. Qing Yao is about to help when some old guy just tells the woman to stop blubbering and disturbing the important people. And then throws shade at Qing Yao when she does volunteer. OH I LOVE QING YAO. She slaps back effortlessly: his illness is probably incurable. Lord Fang apologizes on her behalf, but that was still a beautiful insult.

So, also: the Crown Prince is gravely ill, blah blah. Lord Fang is trying to make conversation. He wonders how come they have never met. Qing Yao, DO NOT FLIRT WITH A MARRIED MAN. Also she’s slipping up. Also, the random officious guy appears to be having painful stomach cramps. Qing Yao is utterly serene.

OK FINALLY. Jiu Chen is back doing god of war stuff. For all of thirty seconds. Si Ming arrives: Lin Mo’s life tribulation has arrived. DUN DUN DUN!!!

* (Use both hands; place hands at point of optimum leverage; strike with full force each time.)