Love and Destiny – ep 31 – CDrama Recap

OK. So: Ling Xi has been turned into Lin Mo, and Lin Mo was supposed to have been arrested and sacrificed, but her father smuggled her out of the house, except that the soldiers showed up anyway and the rest of her family pressured Dad into agreeing to kill her and let her body be found so they won’t all be executed.

And he does.


So Dad is dreamily trundling her body home in a wheelbarrow…he apologizes, and then sets her on a raft in the river, cutting some of the ropes carefully. You know, the only one who appears to be suffering in this lifetime is Ling Xi’s father figures. She’s been pretty fine through the length of her life…and Dad is bawling. I mean, that’s a horrible fate.

And she really is drowning.

Jiu Chen and Si Ming are watching…Si Ming reminds him to STAY OUT OF IT…so Ling Xi has to be able to wake herself up as an immortal, looks like. And she does! She wakes herself up underwater and swims herself to the surface! COME ON GIRL! You can do it! (heh, she pops right back up where the raft went down.)

Meanwhile, Grandma is praying that her granddaughter will come back safely. What an old bitch. But Lil Sis arrives with an old guy with a very large hat, safe and sound.

Hat Guy congratulates him. And, oh gosh, explains. They didn’t look find the corpse of the elder daughter. The Crown Prince was cured and an edict came down to release all the girls who were taken. (also, the people behind the decree were punished.) Poor Dad.

OH GOSH. Dad staggers away and then spits up blood. Did he poison himself, too? But he’s storming out to go find the body, when Grandma tells him not to go, that person is already gone. He turns around and snaps that he failed to protect the family and also his daughter, who is somewhere alone in cold water.

Aw, Mom says she’s coming, too–

And then Lin Mo rounds the corner. She’s deathly worried that Dad has got blood on his face. He gives her a giant hug. And there’s a nice reaction shot from the rest of the family, everyone looking like they normally do.

Lin Mo wants to know why she was in the water and what happened? Dad breaks down.
Lil Sis, though, has had enough, and starts running her mouth….and spills the beans that it was Dad who tried to drown her. Lin Mo is pretty upset about hearing this, and even Mom is ashamed to answer her. Second Mom, weirdly enough, is the adult in the situation, and says: it’s over.

OH MY GOSH. GRANDMA APOLOGIZED! And told Lil Sis to shut up! And Dad slaps her! Oh gosh. All this justice occuring all at once, even though Second Mom ruins her moment of humanity immediately after and spills Lin Mo’s adoption to her.

Lin Mo tries to process this but then faints.

She’s not feeling much better after waking up, either. Lol, she pulls the blanket over her head so she doesn’t have to look at Dad. (Yeah, the one doing all the suffering in this lifetime is Dad. Is that her reincarnated Medicine Dad and is he going to come back to life as a god? Please? Please please please please?) But she does do a lot of sobbing after he goes away.

Si Ming, though, is able to report that she’s passed the first trial. (PLEASE DON’T INTERFERE WITH, JIU CHEN, WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN HAS TO HAPPEN.) Jiu Chen is worried but confident: she is a kind person.

So. Next morning, Lin Mo goes in to the family dinner. Mom brings her over to the table and tells her to eat, which is nice of her. I hope Mom gets reincarnated as something nice, too. Also, Grandma is being weirdly pleasant, too. (Dad has a worrisome cough.) Mom is urging her to eat, and she keeps refusing…

And then she gets up, bows to them formally….and then ultra-formally…she’s thanking them for taking care of her so well despite being a deaf-mute orphan. And smiles. Looks like she even got through to Grandma this time (even though Lil Sis is still pouting.) Is this the second trial? To forgive them? She loves them and never would hold it against them.

But she has decided to leave. She wants to go her own way.

So off she goes through the peach forest with her satchel. She digs up a little bit of dirt and wraps it in a cloth….to have the scent of home with her? (Jiu Chen is meanwhile wandering along behind her.)

Meanwhile: the person who cured the Crown Prince was, naturally, Qing Yao. Lord Fang is wondering why she refused the rewards and had them given to him instead? Qing Yao tells him that he’s good at his job and she’s good at hers–and she’s leaving. Unless, does he want her to stay?

Of course not! He…just has this weird deja vu feeling about her! And that’s weird. Qing Yao says, they probably did. He says: I don’t remember. She says: what about maybe fifty thousand years ago? He says: huh? She says: would you be willing to remember if there was a way? (Girl, he’s married.) Also, he ain’t interested. The past is in the past, after all; and he has a life to live right now. (Also, he’s married.) Also, he likes being the person he is now, and doesn’t want to have it changed by having another person’s memories.

Qing Yao says: fair enough.

And she leaves. Well, closure is nice, isn’t it.

And on cue, Yun Feng wanders up.  “What a coincidence.”
“Haven’t you had enough of me driving you away?” But at this point she’s definitely into it, don’t lie, girl.

Meanwhile, Ling Xi/Lin Mo is still on her quest, and Jiu Chen is faithfully following about twenty feet behind. Lin Mo senses him, buttttt he gets called away on urgent god of war business just at that moment.

Back at Peach Forest, Qing Yao is paying her respects to Medicine Dad’s memorial tablet. Outside, Junior Fox Bro is hardcore drinking, and Plant Fairy is trying to stop him. Yun Feng wanders up…

Plant Fairy asks for help getting him inside. Yun Feng asks why Qing Yao isn’t scolding him? She replies: if I didn’t have things to do, I’d be getting drunk, too. But YF is able to tell her that Ling Xi’s trial is going well.

Plant Girl, meanwhile, is trying to be a nurse to a rather ungrateful patient. Aww, she liiikes him.

However, some bad news: Yuan Tong has recovered from injuries and her status is restored (albeit in name only.) GOSH. She was personally pardoned by the Emperor. Qing Yao reflects that the Yuan Family’s luck still hasn’t run out. Yun Feng tells her to be careful. When is Qing Yao ever not careful?

But that’s ok. Junior Fox Bro overheard it, too, and when has he ever been careful?


So, Heaven is belatedly getting news of the Phoenix overrun. They never got a yell for help from the Phoenix realm–why? Thunder points out that they did, you know, execute her daughter. The Emperor sends Jiu Chen to check it out, which doesn’t appear to be what Thunder wanted. The Emperor says: if they ask for help, help them out. If not, let them deal with it themselves.

Meanwhile back with Phoenix Princess, a rather handsome young man strolls into the restaurant. (oh, is this the real Young Master Song???? Because that would be hilarious.) He’s eyeing BaoQing…oh. Oops, I forgot. Psycho Princess. She magics the waiter to dump boiling noodles on him. Lieutenant tries to hustle her off, but she’s getting really impatient with the lack of progress and the fact that they haven’t found Advisor yet.

So she decides to go searching herself. Kid….

Lin Mo is walking in the rain with only a tiny umbrella when she spots a little pavillion in the middle of nowhere. There’s a man in there meditating…OH IT’S ADVISOR!

Wait, is he blind?

He’s blind.

Fortunately, she can speak a little, and she’s able to communicate by writing on his hand. So she tells him to head to the village for a clinic and the police, heh. But he doesn’t need them, any more than he needs her umbrella, thank you kindly miss, and please go away.

Females are choosy…even at the molecular level

1bef6bc833So: this is interesting. Human eggs appear to be choosy about the sperm they attract to themselves.

Human eggs release compounds called chemoattractants into this fluid, which chemically communicates with sperm. While the exact chemicals are yet to be identified (some researchers suspect progesterone is involved), whatever it is can trigger sperm to change swimming directions.

“Follicular fluid from different females consistently and differentially attracts sperm from specific males,” the team wrote in their paper, finding that eggs attracted between 18 to 40 percent more sperm from their preferred males.

(Not, note, specifically the egg owner’s preferred male, but a preferred male.)

Scientists have also found that mouse IVF eggs prefer sperm from less related males. But this is the first example of human egg preferences, so the reasons and mechanisms behind it are still up for discovery.

Mind, there’s the very large caveat that the study’s methods might have–AKA, almost certainly will have–influenced the results.

For example, the IVF eggs they used had been through treatments that may have changed some biological processes.

Also, the concentrations of sperm were much higher than natural (20,000 sperm per egg instead of the average of around 250) and they were placed quite close to the egg – which may minimise differences in the effects of chemoattractants.