Love and Destiny – Ep 32 – CDrama recap

[A/N: I’m sick. It’s just a cold, though, ironically, I would be willing to believe it is coronavirus, since the closest contact I’ve had with anyone for damn near two months is being in line at the gas station or grocery store. This is going to push finishing County 3 back at least another two days, and then I still have Counties 4 and 5–and 4 will require at least three days. 5, fortunately, only needs ten traps but will take at least two hours just to frigging get there…not to mention getting back. Oh, and I only get a paid lunch if I’ve been in travel status for twelve hours, which isĀ nonsense. Oh, and I don’t think I get paid sick days. And I really need my full paycheck.
But the nicest brother in law in the world did bring me roti. It’s not very good roti, but there is also curry and it is delicious even though it has beans in it. Seriously, who puts beans in curry?
Thank you for listening.]

Lin Mo is able to give him some food, though. Food is acceptable currency for all relationships [THANKS FOR THE ROTI BIL IT’S MUCH APPRECIATED IT REALLY IS]. Advisor tries to do some magic to her, but the effort is too much for him.

He does tell her thank you for the food (while she’s asleep), and returns the umbrella.

In Heaven, meanwhile: Jiu Chen tells Si Ming to go take care of business for him, please. Si Ming refuses to ask what the next trial is. Jiu Chen can only grunt at this. And, meanwhile, ignore Yuan Tong when she comes by to beg for an audience.

Lin Mo has reached a riverside town. She gets jostled by a litter bearer, since she doesn’t hear to move aside, but the guy in the litter tosses her a coin and a kind lady insists that she take it. Oh! Advisor did magic her a little. She can definitely talk, now. (LOL, is that Si Ming in disguise??)

So she’s wandering around, practicing trying to speak.

That’s Si Ming in disguise. He offers to tell her fortune. She explains that suddenly she can talk. Si Ming, lol, tells her to talk to a doctor about that. Ha, he says, don’t ask about fortune and achievements because you’re a girl. Ask about family, husband, children. She says: she just wants to figure out where to go. Hah, Si Ming is so good here. He’s playing a prissy character who is in disguise as a charlatan who is faking confidence, while being acutely uncomfortable in every gesture and detail. It’s wonderful.

Also, apparently his prediction didn’t go the way he wanted it to. Her future is: pain. But! (strokes beard), as long as she can control her behavior, her fate can be managed. Basically: he tells her to head to the Peach Blossom Lodge that Jiu Chen has set up. He also tells her that her benefactor will be with her soon, and gives her back her money. LOL, he “was destined to make this prediction for her,”

Meanwhile, BaoQing is confidently wandering off in a forest. AND UH OH A COUPLE OF OMINOUS BOOTS JUST DROPPED INTO VIEW BEHIND HER. It’s Student Rebel, isn’t it.

Whoever it is, magics up a set of vines to grab her and pull her in.

It’s Student Rebel, and he’s being smug.

Lol, BaoQing just magics herself free and slaps him. But he gets in front of her and grabs her by the throat. So. Hm. Impasse.

And, naturally, we cut back to Lin Mo instead. She’s gotten somewhere and she needs to ask for directions.

AHAHAHAHAHAHA IT’S SI MING IN DISGUISE AS AN OLD WOMAN LOOOOOOOOOOL. And lol, she recognizes him INSTANTLY. He (trying to be in character all the while), tells her to keep walking, there’s a house with a peach tree, etc.

LOOL he’s left questioning the solidity of his disguise…

But most importantly, she’s reached Peach Blossom Lodge, and it’s just as Jiu Chen left it ready for her. Man is a sweetheart, you know.

So Lin Mo sets out to clean up the place and make a home of it. What a heroine.

Anyhow, back to her not-really sister. BaoQing is undergoing some tribulations of her own, also known as: I was kidnapped by a handsome young man who is eating delicious food in front of me, and I have to be haughty and pretend not to be hungry. But Student Rebel is a bro and at least offers it again. He’s after Advisor, same as she is. But BaoQing honestly has no idea….except that she tells him that Advisor loves her so much he’ll definitely come to save her as long as she’s been captured. Eh. He does love his lil’ psycho, but….

And, lol, starts ordering Student around. He just gives her a look.

Oh, Lin Mo is putting the sachet of dirt she took from home, into the soil here. This girl is so sweet.

And, at this point, Advisor (blind) stumbles up to the fence, spits up blood, and collapses. Well, right in front of a doctor is the best place to do it. But Lin Mo calls on expert help instead of doing it herself. (Doctor Sun. Ok.) But, Dr. Sun’s main concern is why Miss Lin is bringing people she doesn’t know into her house?

Lol, and then Advisor wakes up and puts Doctor into a wrist lock and Doc declares that he’s perfectly fine now. He leaves, with a warning to Miss Lin to not be too nice to people.

Miss Lin ignores this completely. Advisor is, however, in no state of mind to be helped by anyone. But she helps him nonetheless. There are steps. Also, holding hands. But he wants to leave–alone. He’s left his coat, though, and it’s started to rain. So the poor guy is staggering through a village street in the pouring rain, all alone–and refusing help from even the random guy who tries to walk him back home. But she’s able to convince him to come back and at least wait out the rain, arranges his coat on his shoulders, and…cut to:

Lieutenant administering a beating to the guys who let the Princess wander off. Poor guy. He’s just a sidekick and he’s got to deal with all this

Meanwhile, Rebel Rebel and Orc Commander are discussing the lack of Advisor as well. Orc Commander says: we don’t have to worry about him at all, do we? Rebel says: and yet he was able to escape prison. I, myself, shall go search! Orc Commander jumps to put a stop to that.–for one, they need to have someone here to deal with the troops from Heaven.

But, uh oh. a) Rebel says that he’s got plans in place for Heaven, and b) Student arrives with BaoQing.

So she’s in the cage, now, when Rebel sweeps in (seriously, his robe has an impressive train)….sleeping soundly. Orc Commander is looking very worried right now. The others are sure that Advisor will come for her, if he possibly can. She is his one weakness.

Oh, Student had her stunned. He wakes her up as he leaves.

Well. This is pretty much exactly the medicine BaoQing needs, so….

She takes it with rather better grace that I expected–only a little screaming–and hopes that Big Brother Advisor will come get her. I hope so, too, kid.

Lin Mo is trying to take care of Advisor, meanwhile. You’ve gotta appreciate the trouble she went to to get coordinating black bandages, though. Apparently his eyes look way better. She’s trying to be very gentle, because he keeps flinching…oh, whoops, he was unconscious for about half a month.

And he finds himself able to say thank you, albeit after she’s gone and can’t, you know, hear him.

So, meanwhile: at the border of the Phoenix land, by order of the Phoenix Queen, Jiu Chen is not allowed to enter. He sends Yun Feng and the other bros in instead and tells them to be cautious. They meet with the Phoenix Queen…she’s not happy to see them or to hear that they want to provide help if they are wanted. Yun Feng is very diplomatic, however; but she’s not having it. But she does say they can come in and freely inspect…except. As long as she’s alive, Jiu Chen may not ever enter her territory on pain of her murdering him. Does this lady…not know her entire country has been overrun?

Back on Earth, Advisor is more or less recovered, but Doc can’t do anything about his eyes. He also can’t really use his magic. He’s trying to unblock his qi points, but he’s also giving off demon smoke. And here is another actor who is giving it their writhing, disfigured, blank-staring all. He’s doing his best to stay distant from Lin Mo, because he is a mass of pain and regrets, etc…

But he asks her name, and she asks for his. They settle on “Miss Lin Mo,” and “Brother Jingxiu.” I have a feeling that this relationship isn’t destined to be actually, y’know, siblingly…