Love and Destiny – CDrama Recap – ep 33!

So the warriors of heaven, with their usual competence, have investigated and found absolutely nothing wrong. Phoenix Queen says that she has personally executed Rebel Rebel…what, did they want his body to give it a proper burial? She gets mad(der) and throws them out….but Yun Feng points out, where is the Advisor? And, on learning that he’s under arrest, asks why? Phoenix Queen just tells him to get out.

She’s under a spell, isn’t she? Or are they blackmailing her?

Yun Feng reports: they didn’t get a chance to inspect well. Jiu Chen walks off and they follow. That was anticlimactic.

Back inside, Rebel Rebel and Student are planning to open the seal and release the demon army so they don’t have to hide anymore. Student points out that they have accomplished their revenge: they have Queen and Princess, and Advisor

Jingxiu is blind, crippled, and on Earth. There’s no need to keep working for the demons and/or destroying the world.

Rebel Rebel just goes full crazy-eyes on him, but points out that once they have decided to work for the demon king = working for the demon king. Trying to turn back will only bring harm on yourself. Keep that in mind…kid.
Lin Mo and Brother Jingxiu are having a moment…

So anyway, soon the peach tree will blossom and there will be fruits. (OOOOOOooooooo!)

And there are some of the usual troubles you would get when you have a blind person and a deaf person in the same house together. But Jingxiu tells her to take his State Advisor Ring and sell it for some money, because he’s just been a burden on her. Lin Mo tells him that he’s not a burden, and they might just both be kicked out of the house one day, because she doesn’t own it, either, heh. And, because she can’t hear and he can’t see, they should work together. Also, her hand is bleeding and the blind man bandages it for her.
Quite well, it turns out.

Lin Mo makes him promise that they’ll work together: she’ll be his eyes and he’ll be her ears. Jingxiu, erstwhile National Advisor and Grand Vizier, can’t help but crack a smile and tell her her eyes had better be good.
Meanwhile. Yuan Tong is back at the tablet hall. Her destiny is to protect her family, etc…but her strength is limited. Girl….

Oh boy. Junior Fox Bro is waiting outside the hall with a sword. And, worse, he’s not drunk. So there’s a fight. I can’t tell if Yuan Tong is throwing it on purpose or not.

Meanwhile, Yun Feng is trying to tell Jiu Chen to let matters rest. Jiu Chen, however, has some rather logical questions. If Phoenix Queen hates him that much, why not show up to try and kill him herself?–because Phoenix Queen is someone who dared to even overthrow her own father, she definitely would dare to attack, and if she ordered her entire tribe to attack him, he probably would die. Yun Feng says: she’s a queen, she wouldn’t destroy her tribe, would she? Yun Feng says he’ll keep an eye on it personally while Jiu Chen’s in the mortal world.

Lol, Shi San pipes up: is the boss going to the mortal world to fight monsters? Can I come, too?

And then Si Ming arrives in a flurry. Things have gone wrongish…

Oh, ok. The peach tree is bearing fruit, and Lin Mo is trying to beat off the birds. There are too many fruits, and she’s…oh boy. She’s going to be giving them away to people. Doctor Sun gets a bag…she is asking him what to do with the rest of them. He suggests wine and writes out a formula.

Oh boy. He has no sense of taste.

But then he takes a bite of the peach….and it’s a magical one….

Advisor, it seems, is making some strides in releasing his qi and doing some magic. Lin Mo calls him out to help carry the peaches in. She’s going to make the wine and sell it. Lol, he says that stuff like carrying heavy loads should be done by men…and look at him stagger off.

So has she actually eaten any of the magical peaches yet???

So…there aren’t any peaches left, it seems…? She didn’t save any. But there will be more later…

Lin Mo is meanwhile asking about jobs in the village, and getting no luck. She didn’t want to pawn Jingxiu’s ring, looks like. So where is it?

So meanwhile back in Peach Blossom Forest, Junior Fox Bro is getting swathed in bandages by Qing Yao. He got flogged and is under house arrest, with a probation officer to show up shortly. Seems like Yuan Tong is nearly half-dead. Heh, Qing Yao surprises the rest of the guys by sweetly remarking that if Junior was any good, it wouldn’t be half.

Jiu Chen tells her just to take care of her little brother, he’ll take care of Ling Xi. Yun Feng stays behind to curry favor…with about as much success as usual. But, aww. It’s really sweet how this family cares about each other and takes care of each other. Qing Yao tells him (he’s unconscious) to mind the rules and stop making her be always the one who is left behind, losing the ones she loves. Oooh. Uh oh. She’s going to tell him about Ling Xi when he wakes up. That’s not good.

Jiu Chen is taking a moody stroll through the Peach Forest and thinking about the one time he got to first base with his girlfriend. You know, the time he had to pretend he wasn’t into it. Oh! And Antler Puppy is there! He says he’ll take it to go see her!!!!

Lin Mo, meanwhile, is still looking for a job, while Jiu Chen shows up with Antler Puppy….but then Si Ming shows up.

Lol. Jiu Chen asks him why he keeps showing up with bad news…and, it’s bad news. Thunder god is trying to break into Demon Tower. They poof out, leaving Antler Puppy behind.

Shi San is holding off the god of thunder at the demon tower! Lol, Shi San says her power is increased and she wants to spar with a new oponent. (Hardly.) But, fortunately, the boys get there in time again. Jiu Chen asks if Thunder has an edict to enter the Tower? No. Thunder storms off to go get one. Lol, Shi San says she could have delayed him for at least four hours!

Heh, Shi San. Just, Shi San.

So the annoying thing about the Thunder god is that he actually always does follow through with his threats to complain to the higher-ups. But! The Emperor merely confirms that Jiu Chen was following his orders.

FLASHBACK! Back when the Emperor was visiting Jiu Chen during the trial, it was his idea to exchange the McGuffins and reincarnate Ling Xi! The Emperor wanted to spare her because she is innocent, too. But he needs it to stay discrete. If it gets out…

And if you have people as varied as Shi San and Thunder asking questions…

Meanwhile, Yuan Tong is getting treated by Yuli. She was genuinely badly hurt. Yuli tells her that spitting up blood will help her with the pain, but doing so will also remove one hundred years of her power. Yuli also tells her that it is possible to cure her in one go, but that she won’t do it because she dislikes Yuan Tong. And Yuli is the only option here. Oh, wait, except for Qing Yao! But, oh wait, you aren’t going to be able to ask her, are you?

Yuli, Yuli explains, had a high respect for Medicine Dad–and so did many other people. So, here’s a bit of free advice for you, Yuan Tong: don’t ever make a doctor mad.

Yuan Tong: glares.

Also, one of the pages who escorts her out: was related to one of the people she murdered. Here’s your medicine [drops it]. Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out [swings door].

Well, it’s the future you chose, Yuan Tong.

Suntanning Lion


The second picture was actually taken about two hours later. L is a dominant male lion and his interests are: sex and defending his mates. His harem has been spayed, so sex is off the table, and he’s alone in the pen with them so there’s no fighting….meaning that if his life is empty of meaning, he’s going to danged well act like it is.