Love and Destiny – CDrama Recap – ep 34

A/N: It’s crunch time on the bug trap front, so canned posts it is for a while.

Lin Mo is still having no luck finding a job, and is being bullied. But, fortunately, a kind lady steps up to defend her. It’s the same lady from before, and she’s willing to put a good word in for Lin Mo to be an assistant with her….even being deaf, it’s ok. (It’s for Doctor Sun, so it should be OK.) Lol, he’s gotten his sense of taste back and is busy munching away….hah, ten plates’ worth.

Back at home, Antler Puppy is scared off by Jingxiu–he recognizes it as an elemental beast. Not good.

Lin Mo is working dilligently enough that Doctor Sun tells her to take a break. He inquires about Jingxiu’s eyes, but isn’t sure. Doctor Sun also sold some of the peaches she brought, so he gives her the money from them.
OK, so now we are introduced to someone new. He’s trying, hah, to capture Antler Puppy so they can cultivate their powers together. (Heh, his student thinks that they’ve just spent half a day talking to an actual dog, LOL.) Antler Puppy has an…unsophisticated…response to this…and runs away. To Ling Xi! / Lin Mo!

It’s just totally happy to see her. Lol, she scolds them for trying to eat it, and takes it home with her. Jingxiu is not nearly as happy to see it, especially since he chased it off once already.

So they’re very domestic. And, uh oh. Lin Mo is remembering Fortune Teller Si Ming’s prophecy, that her destined benefactor will come to her soon. She thinks it’s Jingxiu?!

And Jiu Chen isn’t able to come by, since Thunder is busy poking around and asking questions. But, meanwhile, there’s a red bird flying overhead? Everyone pauses to watch it…? What just happened? Si San is sitting on the stairs being miserable and missing Ling Xi. HuaYan also misses her. And, uh oh! Shi San has just had a bright idea–maybe Ling Xi is in the mortal world! But HuaYan doesn’t think that’s possible.

Anyhow, they all know the real culprit is Yuan Tong.

Speaking of the devil/bitch, she’s in the hall with her fiance guy. He asks her to just marry him and come away somewhere else. She asks if they even are still engaged? He says: of course they are, I always loved you. She says: just go.
And, meanwhile, Shi San is out there ready to make trouble in turn. She challenges Yuan Tong to a duel! But Yuan Tong just has to be a manipulative bitch who is going to twist this to her own advantage somehow. And the duel begins. GET HER SHI SAN.

Jiu Chen is having a bit of a solitary brood at the ice pool, and then HuaYan arrives with, guess which kind of news….?

Yuan Tong is injured (again), and the Yuan hall is destroyed. HEH, Si Ming says: how do we know that she wasn’t just doing some friendly sparring? I mean, this kid already just tried sparring with the god of thunder! (Shi San already confessed, though.) Jiu Chen, himself, just says that he’s there to observe. (Ten lashes.) Shi San says: is that all? Give me ten strokes for each time I hit her–that’ll keep me from actually going down and hitting her some more. So thirty lashes later, Si Ming helps her stagger back home…he tells her to use her brain next time.

Jiu Chen goes “What next time are we talking about?” and confines her to quarters. Shi San asks to be confined to Si Ming’s hall, lol.

Anyway, Lin Mo is about to climb the peach tree and asks Jingxiu to hold the ladder for her. Look, just eat a couple of the actual magical fruits this time, please??? Sheesh, girl doesn’t even get a few feet above ground before landing in Jingxiu’s arms. OH GOSH JUST GO EAT SOME PEACHES ALREADY YOUR BOYFRIEND GREW THEM FOR YOU SPECIALLY.

Back at the job, Lin Mo is putting her old skills to use, smelling the medical ingredients. The prescription was prepared wrongly. She appeals to Aunty to help her correct the issue…revealing to Doctor Sun that Lin Mo is good at medicine, and getting her perhaps a better job as a pharmacist instead of an odd-jobs person. Heh, the actual pharmacist guy has to go read books in the back room instead. I don’t know why this immediately translates to Aunty asking if she has someone she likes, but ok.

Back at a cave, somewhere: Jiu Chen’s teacher is asking how much longer he’s got with the Fire Essence. Teacher is not being helpful. AT ALL. Screw this guy, he’s about as helpful and insightful as the Jedi Council. Drop dead, Teacher, love is only a weakness if it’s someone like YOU dealing with it.


Well, OK. Teacher says he’ll back off if Ling Xi does survive the three trials. Teacher says: you have done your best, just sit back and watch, now. I suddenly think Jiu Chen should change his position of neutrality.

And then Yuan Tong pops up.

He keeps walking and ignores her. What is that girl’s freaking problem?
But she follows him. She’s wondering why everyone still dislikes her after she has admitted her mistakes and been punished for them. But she’s focused on her mistakes towards Jiu Chen…she just wants him to forgive her so she can stick around and be around him…in his heart.

OK, in the Psycho Sweepstakes, BaoQing isn’t even scoring anymore. Yuan Tong is winning by an indisputed mile, inelegant blubbering and unsuitably timed confessions of love and all.

AHAHA, he tells her he wasn’t hesitating out of concern for her, he was just fighting the temptation to push her into the Anti-Immortal Pool, too.
Back at the demon black hole portal: Rebel Rebel is reporting in. Demon King wants news of That Child. Demon King also wants to make very sure that Rebel hasn’t let recent successes go to his head re: who is actually in charge here, now, and…

…that’s it? Dangit!