Unexpected Book Haul

I went thrifting and hit a small but real jackpot. Or actually, a couple of them.

– Louis L’amour – Hondo. (Baader-Meinhof: the name just got mentioned on the amatopia Father’s Day post…)
– Rafael Sabatini – Captain Blood
– Thor Heyerdahl – Kon-tiki
– Honorable mention: Man Eaters of Kumaon, since I already have a print and a digital copy. I also had to leave Last of the Breed, on account of I ran out of quarters.
– Edgar Rice Burroughs:
Tarzan and the Lost Empire
– Tarzan and the Madman
– Tarzan and the Golden Lion
– Tarzan and the Ant Men
– Frank Yerby – The Saracen Blade – ah, I wondered why that name sounded vaguely familiar. He wrote the novel of The Golden Hawk, which I tried but failed to obtain via interlibrary loan. Hm….!
– Poul Anderson – The Winter of the World
– Elizabeth Moon – The Legacy of Gird

Total cost: $4.26