Love and Destiny – CDrama Recap – ep 36

Aw, wow, mister teacher was actually really forward: he asked her to make a satchet for him. But Lin Mo told him to get bent, basically. Jingxiu is, meanwhile, asking quite a few questions. Why do I get the feeling that mister teacher is going to get a visit from armed Phoenix ninjas?

Worse, it’s really hard getting Kind Aunty to just freaking back off. But Jingxiu manages it, it looks like: he shows up to the shop and fetches her home. Lol, Aunty thinks he’s really good-looking.

OK, so they are at home…There’s a gift box at the door. It has a book–did Jingxiu order it? I do not know what “Questions about the Flower World” is? He’s got quite a look on his face, there. Lol, he uses magic to put out her candle so she’s not reading it all night.

Antler Puppy is rather upset about this, but she isn’t. But she goes to the kitchen…looking for something…tell me she’s going to eat a peach or something. Jingxiu walks up while she’s searching…hah, she was looking for a flint. But Jingxiu tells her to go to bed.

Meanwhile back in heaven, Yuan Tong is wandering up to Thunder’s palace. Oh. She’s going to spill the beans about Jiu Chen’s heart, isn’t she?

He’s back at the South Pole and we’re cutting back and forth: Thunder is digesting the report. But he’s going to check it out first. Somehow they have to find out what’s running the Demon Tower…this is their divine duty! Thunder personally is going to go do it.

Back on Earth, Mister Teacher is about to get a visit from just one ninja, who is blind but scarier than the other ninjas, really…He introduces himself as Lin Mo’s older brother. From another mother. But Mister Teacher only has to know that they are not siblings but are better than siblings. And why does a well-educated man like Mister Teacher teach elementary school in a backwarkds town, after all? Because he’s probably failed the official exams a few too many times? Anyhow, as her elder brother, You Ain’t Good Enough For Her. (Dramatic soundtrack boom for emphasis.)

Mister Teacher tells him: hey, if you like her that much, go ahead and tell her so.
And who wouldn’t love Lin Mo/Ling Xi?

(Why won’t anyone eat the peaches…OH OH OH Jingxiu smells the wine! It’ll be ready by tomorrow! Tell me it’s extra-strength healing wine!!!?!)

And, oh my gosh. Jingxiu decides to tell her who he is and what his deal is before he drinks the wine. Oh gosh. HAH, lol. There’s a special day of each year where men confess love to women and women confess love to men. So he makes an indirect, but still easily understood, proposal. And then, FINALLY, DRINKS THE WINE.

And, yep, his eyes start to work. Maybe quickly enough to distract him from why he didn’t just get an answer? And he sees Lin Mo/Ling Xi and recognizes her. And now is wondering WTH is up. Since she was able to pull out the darts, she definitely is a Phoenix scion, but…well…

Meanwhile at the South Pole, Thunder has shown up to see the god of war. The doorkeeper tries to ward him off…Thunder bullies his way in, though…Jiu Chen is meditating (painfully?)…Lin Mo is at home in bed…Thunder finds the McGuffin in Jiu Chen’s meditation chamber. And, if’s officially not supposed to be there, so…oh boy.
Jiu Chen asks him to please be reasonable? (…man, I do not even have the words to mock that concept as it applies to the god of thunder.) They fight…and Jiu Chen is already bleeding at the mouth. And their fight disturbs the McGuffin and also Lin Mo starts thrashing in bed. Jingxiu runs over to help her….

Thunder is talking trash (but not winning). Jiu Chen does tell him that the Emperor knows about this….but Thunder doesn’t believe it. He grabs the McGuffin, but Jiu Chen grabs it back and takes the hits for it. Jingxiu sees a red tattoo flash up behind Lin Mo’s ear–demon imprint!

Meanwhile, Jiu Chen is trying his utmost–including kneeling and bowing–to make Thunder LET THIS GO. Thunder is forced to pay attention, if not to be, YOU KNOW, REASONABLE. And he’s got (what he thinks) are salient points. OH GOSH HE SAYS HE UPHOLDS THE HEAVENLY LAWS EVEN IF THEY ARE UNREASONABLE AND THEN TURNS AROUND AND LECTURES JIU CHEN ABOUT DOING THINGS EXCESSIVELY. Ah, and he’s also pretty embarassed that Jiu Chen is kneeling to him. And he storms off.

So Jingxiu has positively ID’d his girl as Ling Xi, the Phoenix Queen’s executed-for-demonic-contamination daughter. And the contamination has not yet been removed.

Meanwhile at the black hole….it still exists.

Jiu Chen is clutching at his heart…

Jingxiu poofs over to…the Lin Mansion? Lin Dad is singing the little alphabet song to himself in Lin Mo’s room. Mom has gone over to fetch him. (It’s been six months since she left.) Dad is missing her and very worried. Jingxiu poofs back in time and watches the other kids bullying Lin Mo…but also Dad being good to her. So, back at the docks, he broods. How the heck did she survive if the god of war personally stabbed her? And what would happen if either heaven or demons knew she was here?

Anyhow, Lin Mo wakes up–and finds out that Jingxiu can see. He doesn’t tell her that it happened when he drank the peach wine, damn. Lol, she immediately starts testing him and he asks if she thinks something is wrong with his brain. But she starts asking what he ate or drank…DUDE NOT THE SEAFOOD DUDE.

Heh, and Lin Mo finally realizes she’s in her underwear.

Jingxiu moseys over to the clinic, and Aunty and Doc Sun are very glad to see he’s better. Heh, and Doc says stop thanking the gods, did the gods give him his medicine? Oh boy. Jingxiu is there with a gift for Matchmaking Kind Aunty, isn’t he…

(oh, it’s that she’ll stop matchmaking.)


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