They found a frozen wolf head this time

In lieu of a clever title, here’s the facts: Someone found a frozen and very well preserved Pleistocene-era wolf head in the Siberian permafrost.

“This is a unique discovery of the first ever remains of a fully grown Pleistocene wolf with its tissue preserved,” palaeontologist Albert Protopopov [said].

The article keeps describing the head as “giant” but doesn’t give any reasons for this. You have to go slightly deeper into the linked Siberian Times article to find that this ancient wolf’s head is approximately half the size of a current wolf’s body.

….yeah, but is it, though?

So ScienceAlert gives the head size of The Ice Wolf as 16 inches/40 cm; Siberian Times gives average wolf body size as 66-86 cm (given that this translates to 25-35~inches, something’s hinky here. They must not be counting tail length). And anyway, that’s not actually all that helpful, now, is it?

Wiki tells me that for modern wolves,

Wolves measure 105–160 cm (41–63 in) in length and 80–85 cm (31–33 in) at shoulder height.

The skull is 230–280 mm (9–11 in).

So this guy is distinctly bigger….but not half again as large as a modern-day wolf.


The size and weight of the modern wolf increases proportionally with latitude in accord with Bergmann’s rule.

I’m going to guess that this applies to prehistoric wolves, too–and this one lived and died in the permafrost zones. So.

Don’t trust fake news.

Love and Destiny – CDrama Recap – ep 37

Jingxiu says: you need someone to look after you.

Lin Mo says: Um, um, we’re like siblings or something. Also, I’m engaged! To a mysterious handsome man who knows martial arts and already got to see my ankle! (bbbbut, Jingxiu got to see you in your underwear…) Also, you need to move on. Also, you are someone important back where you came from. Also, I’m not. Also, I’m hungry. Let’s go home.

Meanwhile, UH OH! They’re triangulating in on Ling Xi! Orc Commander goes (instead of Student Rebel.)

But Jingxiu isn’t the kind of hero to be put off by his beloved putting him off. He’s there, fortunately, just as Orc Commander arrives. They recognize each other! Cut away immediately! ARGH!


But anyway, Jingxiu is out at the docks, taking Orc Commander’s report. Orc Commander is Jingxiu’s man! Good man! Also, Baoqing is fine. Jingxiu says: take care of her! But Orc Commander says, we’re looking for that girl, Ling Xi–the Phoenix Queen’s daughter. Shouldn’t we take revenge on the Phoenix Queen’s daughter?

Jingxiu says: hell no. They’ve got control of the Black Hole, since Orc Commander is there with Rebel, but they DO NOT WANT the demon king coming to Earth. OK, so as long as you guys think you’ve got it under control, that’s great.

Orc Commander says: he was going to go hide the girl.

Jingxiu says: I’m protecting her. What was your plan for coming back empty-handed? Orc says: I’ve got it under control.

Meanwhile in Heaven, the Medicine King (so, this is Yuli’s father), is getting a royal examination. He’s giving him a beneficial pill (that isn’t needed.) And Thunder swaggers in. He wants an explaination. (Another? Explaination.) The Emperor says: leave it be, it’s all under control, Jiu Chen’s got this. So leave it be and KEEP IT QUIET. He ain’t gonna keep it quiet, is he?

Ooooooh, he asked WHO TOLD HIM ABOUT IT! The Emperor tells him: hey, you are as important and trustworthy as Jiu Chen–so don’t be trusting people who sow discord. Yuan Tong is waiting nearby…Thunder tells her that she needs to go, uh oh, guard the Dark Mountain in the lower realm. She’s not suitable to be in the heaven world. Dude, I would stick her back in the Demon Tower. Yuan Tong looks like she’s going to cry.

So back at the house, Antler Puppy points out the peach to Lin Mo. EAT THE PEACH ALREADY PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. OH MY GOSH JUST EAT IT. STOP LOOKING AT IT AND EAT IT! OK, what is WITH the slow-motion close-up teasing while she’s getting it ready?? That’s just mean.



OH AND JIU CHEN CAME BY FINALLY OH YEAH! Lin Mo is happy-crying. (looking very cute and picturesque, meanwhile.) Uh oh. And now Jingxiu walks up.

They gonna recognize each other!?…?

Commence the alpha-male well, you know, contest. Jiu Chen. You are such a boy. Lin Mo has to beat a hasty escape. And then they turn around and glare at each other. And they continue being viciously polite to each other through dinner. And wanting her to serve them.

So she serves Antler Puppy instead. LOL, Jiu Chen curries favor with Antler Puppy.

Ok, so do these guys recognize each other or not? They’ve switched over to directly insulting each other at this point. Lin Mo has to retreat again, because she can’t take it.

Jiu Chen invites himself to spend the night (well, it’s actually best that he does, since the orcs are after her.

WOWWWWW boy watch it he’s being SUPER FORWARD. He pulls her hair off her neck (to check the tattoo). And asks her what her relationship is with the man living in the house. Did she forget they are engaged??

Lin Mo says: I left home. We are not engaged.

Jiu Chen says: Does not compute. We’re engaged. I came for you. (neckgrabs, demon-tattoo-suppresses).

Lin Mo: stares.

Jiu Chen: stares.

Jingxiu: walks in.

But Jingxiu is a good guy. He asks her if she’s afraid of “Lord Song” and to trust him, that he’ll be able to protect her if she doesn’t want to go. And Lin Mo is pretty confused, anyway, since this Lord Song seems to have changed himself up again. She even sends Antler Puppy off and won’t let it sleep with her. That’s not nice. Puppy is left scratching at the door. Awwwwww.

OH BOY OH NO. JIU CHEN YOU IDIOT. He’s collapsing in his room again. DUDE. (hey, would a peach help?) So he meditates a bit and feels better….

And, lol. Jingxiu has taken up his guitar-playing again. (Yeah, I know. But it’s funnier if I say guitar.) HAH, Jingxiu is attacking with magic music, spilling his drink. And LOL, Jiu Chen sends it right back at him. So let the fight commence on more equal grounds.
Uh oh, the music is hurting Antler Puppy?

So that morning, Jingxiu is messing around with birds again and Jiu Chen sees it. And Lin Mo walks in.


But anyhow, Jiu Chen gets the chance to speak to her privately. Have we both changed? And, lol, he starts talking about cooking.

And she says: Brother Jingxiu is just my friend. But Lord Song should not waste his time on me!

Jiu Chen says: didn’t I already say I was here for you?

Lin Mo: I’m trying to lie low here, dude, and not get into trouble.

Jiu Chen: I really, really hope you understand what I’m up to, one of these days. Oh, hey, soup!

But the boys get to sit down and talk frankly. Oh wait, no they don’t. They start fighting over the table with magic. (Antler Puppy runs away.) And the table breaks. And then Lin Mo walks in and then walks out. So they start smack-talking each other and fighting invisibly while leaving their bodies behind (holding the table up.) And then Lin Mo walks in again. Y’all are just SUCH BOYS, my gosh. Lol.


So Lin Mo is trying to walk out to work….after a little back and forthing with Jingxiu, he goes with her. Is she really engaged? Yes. Well, then, it’s his place to leave. Even if his eyes aren’t totally recovered–he’ll survive and not give her any trouble.

AND LOL. As soon as Jingxiu steps away from Lin Mo it starts raining. AND JIU CHEN SHOWS UP WITH AN UMBRELLA and faux-concern for his drenched companion AHHHAHAHAHAHA.

Jingxiu dismisses the rain and then sulks off alone. Oh my gosh.

So. Lin Mo shows up to work (Aunty and Doc take notice) with a ruggedly handsome man, to whom she is engaged. Doc suddenly realizes that Lin Mo can hear. (takes pulse). LOL, he thinks it’s because of his skill, oh wait, he never treated her.

Meanwhile, Yuli has showed up at the Fuyun Palace, and Shi San is resolutely blocking her. But then Yun Feng shows up. Yuli has some medicine for him and is pestering anyone who can help, to help him find Jiu Chen.

What’s not good is that Yuli’s father shows up and overhears both that Yuli likes Jiu Chen and that Yun Feng likes Qing Yao. ONE WONDERS WHAT SHALL BECOME OF THIS INFORMATION.

Meanwhile, Jiu Chen is walking back and bumps into Jingxiu. They exchange edged words, aaaaaand