Mighty One, We Have Lost Us Another

Two have departed–mighty minstrels, they.

Ennio Morricone, perhaps best remembered for his collaborations with Sergio Leone, has passed on at the age of 91. He had an idiosyncratic and instantly recognizable style–

The composer loved the sound of the electric guitar and the Jew’s harp and employed whistles, church bells, whips, coyote howls, chirping birds, ticking clocks, gunshots and women’s voices to add textures to scores not associated with the typical studio arrangement.

Two of my favorite movies were scored by him:

Once Upon a Time in the West

Violent City

The other one lost to the dark forest was Charlie Daniels, dead of a hemorrhagic stroke at age 83. I don’t know enough about country music to comment on his career, but he was a national treasure.

Bull Ridin’ Son of a Gun

Payback Time