Love and Destiny – CDrama Recap – ep 38

So Jingxiu calls Jiu Chen out on pretending to be “Lord Song.” And now they fight in earnest. BOYS.

OH AHAHAHA the guy who was trying to capture Antler Puppy is watching. He wants to run out and pay his respects, but, lol, his student thinks it’s too dangerous. And the boys, noticing that there are mortals in the area, take off.

Back in heaven, Qing Yao is collecting bugs and making medicine. The still-squabbling Yuli and Yun Feng arrive. QY warns YFnot to move…because there are lethally poisonous ants on the floor. But she collects them and it’s ok. What….were you afraid of them….? Of course not! Ahhhhh, so brave. LOL, he’s got one crawling on his face and quietly freaks out. I love Qing Yao.

Turns out, she’s making a potion that can sharpen the mind and wake one up from evil thoughts. A must for the war department fighting demons. Also, Yun Feng is there to tell her about Yuan Tong’s demotion and assignment to Demon Mountain. Qing Yao is making the pills for her. Make them extra strength, Qing Yao! OH MAN SHE’S MAKING THEM LESSER STRENGTH IN THE HOPE THAT YUAN TONG WILL BE DEMONIZED AND THEN KILLED. Damn, that is not good, Qing Yao.

QY goes to Peach Blossom Forest to check up on Junior Fox Bro. He’s under guard. Meanwhile, Plant Fairy is drunk. She’s been keeping Junior company, because he doesn’t get into fights when he’s drunk. Poor Junior misses his family.

Qing Yao finds him polishing his sword. And ignoring her. He accuses her of forgetting how their family ended up: Yuan Tong and Jiu Chen are directly to blame–and she doesn’t even want vengeance! QY says: listen up. Vengeance is easier to seek than to actually achieve; you couldn’t ever kill Yuan Tong, who is a powerful immortal and has been a general for millenia. And I am no less sad than you about Medicine Dad. But now is not the time and you will not upset that. We need people to stop paying attention to us right now. Because…

Really hope Junior is trustworthy. But Qing Yao tells him to keep it secret for everyone’s sake and the only reason that she didn’t tell him before is that he’s rash and untrustworthy. Right now, nothing is more important than Ling Xi coming back safely–so he must behave. He promises he understands.

Back on Earth, Lin Mo is kind of lingering at work and, lol, asking about night shift work. Doc Sun says: just handle matters slowly and carefully, it’ll work out. So she leaves and finds Jingxiu waiting outside to fetch her home. Brother Jingxiu, are you two guys getting along OK?

Well of course we are!
Oh whew.
Nothing, that’s great. Doesn’t, um, Lord Song have great martial arts skills?

Jingxiu tells her, I know your life has been hard and you are a little suspicious towards sincerely kind people. But I’m patient and I honestly wish you well. Oh, candy!

Meanwhile, Jiu Chen and Antler Puppy are out for a walk. They’re being chased by vines.

Also barricaded in by vines. LOL DID JINGXIU SET THESE UP TO BLOCK HIM FROM WALKING LIN MO HOME AHAHA HOW PETTY CAN YOU BOYS GET? And then Antler Puppy gets grabbed. Don’t mess with a man’s girlfriend’s puppy!

LOL Jiu Chen congratulating himself over successfully stealing the candy and feeding it to Antler Puppy. HOW SMUG CAN YOU BOYS GET?

OH WOW AHAHA THEY GET HOME AND THERE’S A BUNCH OF DAMAGE TO THE ROOF AND WALLS BECAUSE THEY WERE STILL FIGHTING. They both volunteer to fix it. And she takes Puppy out for a walk. I get it, poor girl. All that pressure…

But they decide to talk it out (no, for real this time). They know that the other is from heaven, or from Phoenix tribe.

Jingxiu says: I found her on accident. But you? You’re from Heaven Palace.
Jiu Chen says: You’re a Phoenix, and yet you’re here while they’re in trouble. Were you exiled?
Jingxiu says: You knew her from before.
Jiu Chen says: Your power level, for a Phoenix, is really high. Also, your vine magic looks weirdly familiar.
Jingxiu says: only one of us is going to be able to save her–god of war Jiu Chen.
Jiu Chen says: State Advisor Jingxiu.

And so it’s Jiu Chen who walks out to go fetch Lin Mo. And now….dude, you’re pushing it. He tells her that Antler Puppy is a mythical beast, not a dog. And Lin Mo has something to say to him–it’s please go away, I’m living my own life and I’m happy right now on my own. Oh, ouch. She ays she’s never going to go back with him.

Jiu Chen says: So stay.
Lin Mo says: ….you’re being reasonable? Wow, so when are you leaving?
Jiu Chen says: Did I say I was leaving?–I must stay to protect you. (Well, the boy ain’t lying.)
Lin Mo says: But I’m not alone….
Jiu Chen says: THAT’S WHY I’M STAYING.

And it starts raining the instant he moves in close to “ask her a question.”

LOL IT WAS JINGXIU AGAIN. “Oh look at the beautiful rainbow.”

But Jingxiu notes that her tattoo is gone. Anyhow, the boys formally throw the gauntlets down. But no cheating! Just letting their own abilities do the job! Poor Lin Mo!!!

Meanwhile at the Demon Mountain Black Hole Quarantine Zone, Yuan Tong is staring stony-faced at the distance and her Fiance Guy hands her the mind-guarding pills.

Qing Yao is telling Yun Feng that she told Junior Fox Bro. Meanwhile, Yuli is eavesdropping and demands to know where Jiu Chen is! Also, aren’t they ashamed to be meeting like this every day? A guy and a girl together?


So Yuli’s father sees her pestering Yun Feng. (QY smirks and continues off). (Also, turns out that she did the usual job on the mind-enhancing pills, not a poor one.) Also, poor Yuli is in trouble. No more going to Fuyun Hall or acting like an obsessed fangirl! If she wants a husband, Dad will choose one for her! HAH, Dad says if she does want to choose her own, choose someone good. Yuli is obstinate! She chooses Jiu Chen! Because she likes him! And has liked him for thousands of years! (room flounce, door slam.)


Back at home, Lin Mo is expecting them to fix the roof. With manual labor….did you really not know how? DID HE JUST FALL OFF THE LADDER? So while the boys are squabbling LIN MO CLIMBS UP LOL :”You have delicate and precious bodies, so I’d better do it.” AND THEN THEY DIVE FOR THE LADDER (FIGHTING EACH OTHER ON THE WAY).

Lol, Aunty arrives and starts scolding them. And she almost falls but gets two rescue spells.

OH LOL THAT IS THE FUNNIEST THING EVER. Jiu Chen hairflips and his hair is so long it goes into Jingxiu’s face. LOL. WOW.

Meanwhile, Aunty has come over to check in with Lin Mo. She’s suspicious of Jingxiu: does he have any assets? You need money to live on! And what about that other guy, Lord Song? Look, Aunty, stop worrying, I can live on my own, I have hands! Aunty goes out, though not without taking a moment to scold the boys for just standing around being decorative. Ahaha.

Jingxiu has found his thumb ring–Lin Mo refused to sell it, since it was his and looks very precious. So. He proposes again–he does have assets and actual wealth at home. If she—

I’m not even going to bother describing the next scene because it is ridiculously petty and hilarious and does so in such a brief way.

UH OH, Yuli’s father is talking to the Emperor about his daughter…they need to get her married off in proper state…TO, WAIT,