Love and Destiny – ep 39

Poor Yuli is throwing a fit–and, honestly, who wouldn’t. But her father comes in to talk to her. OH LOL HE THOUGHT SHE LIKED YUN FENG, NOT JIU CHEN! Lol, all he says is that she dreams big.

HAH, Yuli says she’s willing to be Yun Feng’s widow, NOT his wife. But there has been an imperial decree.

And now the gossip reaches Qing Yao. And she breaks someone’s arm. He checks himself out hastily.

OH AHAHAHA the other guy is Yuli’s fanboy and he thinks Yun Feng isn’t worthy of her.

Meanwhile back at the Palace, Yun Feng and Shi San are trying to get in to the Emperor. LOL, he’s hiding from Yun Feng.–who has been begging people to help him. The Emperor says, he’s being married, not punished, sheesh.

Jiu Chen, meanwhile, is being taunted by Jingxiu.–He’s god of war, and he has duties, and yet why is he hanging around a mortal girl? Jiu Chen snaps back: why is the State Advisor of the destroyed Phoenix tribe hanging around a mortal girl?

And now, Yun Feng arrives to beg for help. LOL, Jiu Chen asks if he can blackmail the Medicine King to stop it. LOL they both think she was aiming at Yun Feng and using her crush on Jiu Chen as an excuse. Jiu Chen says: go talk to Teacher. He won’t let you delay the happiness of others. They’re still bickering when they see Lin Mo walking off with Jingxiu.

Yun Feng suddenly understands that his elder brother has A Problem, Then, Huh?….and Jiu Chen says: oh, looks like I have a marriage to go arrange for you, DON’T I?
Yun Feng books it.

Lin Mo, meanwhile, is asking for an advance on her salary. She bought some food for the boys…for their farewell meal. They have lived here for long enough. Lord Song needs to go live up to his family’s expectations, lol. And Brother Jingxiu is recovered from his injuries and needs to go back to his official job in his hometown, where people depend on him. And she is just an ordinary person who cannot bear the honor of their company.

So she’s kicking them out!

….that’s a bold move for a romance heroine, but OK.

Heh, she has to drink a toast to them with tea instead of wine. And then she walks off.

Jiu Chen says: hey, she didn’t drive me away. Cut to…back in Si Ming Hall, Yun Feng is being indignant his behalf for being kicked out by a girl. LOL POOR JIU CHEN IS ACTUALLY FACEPALMING. It hurts to be a stoic sometimes, don’t it. Jiu Chen finally has had enough and asks Si Ming how his cultivation is going. Si Ming has had no time to cultivate and everyone has given up on him. Jiu Chen snaps at him that he’s given up on himself. And you, Yun Feng! You haven’t been paying attention to your own power! You never take any action to improve yourself! And Heaven relies on people like you??

But Yun Feng is able to start talking his way out of it by describing Lin Mo/Ling Xi’s love life as a military engagement….causing Jiu Chen to seriously start reconsidering his choices in the matter.

BUT MEANWHILE! Rebel Rebel is starting to wonder why it’s been an entire month and yet Princess Baoqing has not yet surrendered or succumbed. Orc Commander is looking worried, because it’s him who has to do the explaining, here. And so does Student. But instead of. “torture,” the order is, “Kill her.” Student Rebel volunteers to do it, but gets shut down.

But the two of them meet outside. Orc Commander says, “I’m going to go to the prison at eleven o’clock. Better move fast.” Aw, he says everyone knows that Student liiiiikes Princess. Heh, Orc Commander says that he has good taste.

And in the cage, Baoqing is still plotting revenge. Student says that he’s there to send her off. He’s got a box of food–because even if you die, it’s better to die full. Baoqing freaks out slightly, but Student tells her that swearing revenge on him is pointless because, a) he is already a rebel, b) he has no family to be killed, c) his father is already dead. But Baoqing doesn’t want to die and starts honestly freaking out. She begs Student to save her. But he is determined not to be fooled by her again, and merely walks off. HE LEFT THE KEY!

So she runs!…directly past Orc Commander. Kid, you’re a nice girl, but also dumb as a box of rocks. Orc Commander gives a little sniff, heh.

And, when his men come to report that she’s escaped, orders them to catch her alive and unharmed. So, out in the forest, though, she gets shot by arrows and they’re coming to get her. She fights back with a whip, but it’s a terribly overmatched fight. But! Lieutenant gets her! AW! (not student, I thought it would be the student.)

Meanwhile, Aunty spots one of the boys hanging around outside–oh, it’s Jingxiu, who, AS WE KNOW, HAS NOTHING BETTER TO DO. He’s writing letters for people, earning money, helping people, y’know. Meanwhile, Lin Mo is walking home slowly, and wondering if Lord Song has reached home safely. He’s at least decent and not shameless, right? (Bumps into Jiu Chen at the door.) Lin Mo says, dude I already told you I will not marry you. He says: Bbbbut I wanna marry you! (Dude, this was your takeaway from Yun Feng’s lecture on strategy? Sheeeeeeesh no wonder it took you seventy thousand years to find a girlfriend.)

Meanwhile, Lieutenant is trying to heal Baoqing. She wakes up and is not in danger, but is in terrible pain. And she asks him to go look for Big Brother Jingxiu, please…Lieutenant is genuinely torn and upset about her condition. He goes.

Meanwhile, Lin Mo is alone at home again, and OH MY GOSH JIU CHEN IS STILL STANDING OUTSIDE HER GATE STARING.

And then he starts up a rain storm….and keeps standing there, looking pitiful. OH MY GOSH YOU BOY. Oh my gosh. This man.

So naturally she comes out with an umbrella. He takes it. And sneezes.

So we get to see him in his actual underwear with his hair actually down for once, and so does Lin Mo, who brings him some ginger tea. But he’s still coming on really strong, because he asks her to help dry his hair out. THIS DUDE. FOR REAL. But hopefully this will work, because he turns around and asks if he can call her MoMo, and begs her not to throw him out again. Too strong, boy. Back off some more.

Lin Mo goes back in her room to hide, but ends up staring at her own hand and beating up on her pillow.

Dude, staring at your beloved’s room in the night gets exponentially less romantic when you are in your underwear.

Anyhow, in the morning he’s got breakfast ready. A martial artist is used to waking up early!

(The rain has stopped.)


Lin Mo: How come a martial artist is so weak as to get a cold? Lord Song, I am not that dumb.
Jiu Chen: facepalms.
Lin Mo says: Dude, I do not even know what you like about me, and I know you are probably upset about the whole other guy living here situation, but I AM NOT GOING TO COME BACK WITH YOU TO GET MARRIED.
Jiu Chen: continues coughing.

Meanwhile, it’s almost time for the mid-autum festival, which is when family reunions occur. Also: Jingxiu is living in town, so she can’t tell him to go away anymore, can she, because she doesn’t own the town! And he’s trying to guilt-trip her into coming with him for the festival.

AHH LOL THE CULTIVATOR GUY SPOTTED HIM AND RECOGNIZED HIM! OH BOY! And bow to him in front of everbody. Jingxiu checks over his shoulders and then tells him he’s got the wrong person….and stuns him casually as he walks by. But Lin Mo has seen those two clowns before, when they were trying to catch Antler Puppy. And…

And now monsters are attacking the town. Jingxiu, who has just tried to deny that he was an immortal, goes indoors with Lin Mo…

Cultivator is still stunned by the spell and can’t move…Roll credits ARGH ARGH ARGH WHY DO I HAVE TO WORK!?!?

The others are brown snippet

“We wanted to be people,” I said.

Kora looked at me.

“We just wanted to be people and live our own lives. We just…”

I had the hopeless yearning to tell him everything, everything, just make him see. He never would, they never did, but words came stumbling out anyway. “I have a house. I decorated it. I picked the furniture and the colors the walls are painted. I have chickens. The red hen had five babies last month. One’s blue. One’s green. The others are brown.

“They used us,” I said. “We were creatures. All we want is to be people.”