Love and Destiny – ep 40 – CDrama Recap


So, somewhere where Yun Feng is in armor and fighting monsters, he’s fighting a–oh, is this the same two-headed monster that’s attacking the town? It got him on the shoulder, and now Yuan Tong arrives–as does Qing Yao. QY throws a potion at the monster, which is stunned and subdued. Yuan Tong, however, wakes it back up as she’s approaching it. Of course she does. But Yun Feng defends his lady, at the cost of his own ribcage, looks like.

Back at the tent, Yun Feng is dying, dyyyyyyying I tell you…he must take this opportunity to confess his life story to Qing Yao and his gratitude to fate for bringing her near him and his fear that there will be no one to take care of her once he dies and will she just tell him this one thing just this one little thing just this once tell him if she liked him even a little…

(oh, aw. He’s doing this to impress the Emperor’s helper, isn’t he)

LOL QING YAO PUTS HIM IN A WRISTLOCK AND HE SUDDENLY FEELS MUCH BETTER please don’t hit me Qing Yao. (She hits him.) But at least the Emperor’s Helper Guy is impressed by the performance.

But Yuan Tong is still standing around scowling.

Meanwhile, Lin Mo is examining a patient and doing quite well. But, wait, why does she have male clothes in her bag? Aunty smiles and hmphs.

Uh oh. Jiu Chen lost his immortality when he fought the monster and has to depend on the fire essence alone to keep him alive. (wait, what? OH WAIT THIS IS EPISODE 41? BREAK.)

OK, so back in the real episode 40: damnit, it’s time to leave for work.

[eight hours later–today was a very short day–]

So. We start off with where we left, with the monster attacking the town and the Cultivator Dude still frozen in the street. Pretty good production values, looks like, even though the CGI is fairly poor. It quiets down in front of Sun Pharmacy….and then the monster drops out in back of Cultivator.

But doesn’t move forward.

Because Jiu Chen has it by the tail.

He releases Cultivator and takes off after monster. Cultivator takes off after it, because “BE HIS DISCIPLE!”

But Jiu Chen is in trouble: the fire essence won’t give him enough power to destroy the monster, or follow up once it starts to run away. And then he collapses while Cultivator and Apprentice are arguing. Well, that’s something that will make Lin Mo take notice.

So business is booming in Doc Sun’s place–Jingxiu is lending a helping hand, but just then the messenger hawks arrive and he has to make tracks out–leaving Lin Mo and her patient hanging. And at this point Cultivator and co stagger in, piggybacking Jiu Chen.

Outside, Lieutenant is reporting to Jingxiu that Princess is terribly–like really badly, it seems–injured.

That evening, Lin Mo is carefully tending Jiu Chen as he rests. Whoops, it’s been three days. Lin Mo scolds him for trying to use his martial arts skills on an actual monster, heh. Boy, stop pushing it. She took care of you because you needed taking care of….LOL, Cultivator crashes the party, removing Lin Mo’s need to answer that question.

So Cultivator reeeeeeally wants to become an immortal hero, cultivating power and good deeds, and wants Jiu Chen to take him as a pupil. And will die kneeling there if teacher does not take him in! Lin Mo points out that Jiu Chen owes them a debt and the monster would surely have eaten him if they hadn’t helped! (Cultivator pops up out of his bow long enough dispute this, heh, with Apprentice mimicking him about half a second behind.) Jiu Chen has to do another godly facepalm at this point.–he’s never accepted disciples before. Lin Mo, naturally, does not see the problem.

Meanwhile back in Heaven, Yuli is trying to get Qing Yao to help her out with the problem. And helping Yuli is helping herself! She clearly likes Yun Feng…Qing Yao come baaaaack! But Yuli is rather perceptive, for an obsessed fangirl. But Qing Yao is a stubborn and cool cat.

And, meanwhile, there is very loud thunder in Heaven. There has been a new member joining the sect! OHHHHHH It’s because of Jiu Chen’s new disciples LOOOOOL. Meanwhile, Jiu Chen has to go back to Heaven for a while, since the monster might return. Lol, he poofs out right in front of Cultivator and Apprentice and they still don’t realize he’s an actual god.

So, the monster was actually one of the really nasty ones sealed away 100,000 years before. How come Jiu Chen wasn’t able to just take care of it? Well, it should have been sealed. Is this a trifling matter or is it connected with the demon king’s awakening? So the Emperor orders his sidekick to go investigate with the army, and then asks if Jiu Chen’s health is OK. As if he’s going to answer. And also, what the heck is up with Jiu Chen taking an apprentice now? And who is this great talent who is worthy of your time and tutoring? OH LOL THE EMPEROR SAYS BRING HIM AND LET’S TAKE A LOOK AT HIM.

Jiu Chen says: He’s a mortal, guys…please don’t have high expectations here…

So back at Fuyun Hall, the gossip is going around…Shi San is a little put-out.

But meanwhile! Yun Feng needs them to come up with ideas for saving him from his marriage.

Si Ming has no ideas except accept fate. But, oh wait, why not go into seclusion and cultivation for a couple thousand years? Or, ok, how about a) go beg to the emperor, b) comit/attempt suicide before him to show how dedicated you are.

LOL Yun Feng says that he’s too powerful to hurt himself by bumping his head on a pillar, get out of here Si Ming.

Si Ming says: I’d leave, except this is my actual house.

Lol, one of the guys is Yuli’s fanboy. He wants to know what the burden is in marrying Yuli, who is adorable, gentle, etc.

Yun Feng says: So marry her.

Fanboy says: “I WANT TO. But she doesn’t like me.” Aww, and also the matter-of-fact way he says it is hilarious.

The Emperor’s Sidekick/Helper arrives (Baishan). So, the two army guys are ordered to go to the mortal world and investigate the monster. Yun Feng says that he will personally go! Except that, LOL, he’s confined to Heaven on the Emperor’s explicit word until he gets married. Heh.

Meanwhile, Lin Mo has a letter from Jingxiu that he had to return home in a hurry. But he also left her a potted plant. She’s kind of upset she didn’t notice until just now since she was talking care of Jiu Chen. And anyway, Brother Jingxiu will probably return–for his plant. Jiu Chen is only slightly smug as he suggests they go out shopping.

Meanwhile, Rebel Rebel is hoping that his dead clan can appreciate the show from the afterlife. Student and Orc Commander report in: they’re getting the enchantment ready to open the black hole seal and release the demon king. And this is what has been disturbing the monsters. Now they only have to wait for the blood moon day…Yuan Tong or no Yuan Tong. By the way, has the Princess been killed?

Orc Commander says: of course.

Rebel says: Oh, by the way, also make sure to kill Jingxiu, too.

Meanwhile, Jiu Chen is spirit-poofing out to….where Yun Feng is drinking in broad daylight. He has a task for him–wasn’t there anything weird about the Phoenix Palace the last time Yun Feng went to go check it? Yun Feng says no. But where was Advisor Jingxiu then? Phoenix Queen said he was in prison…in which case, why was he in the mortal world? Why and how is the man who runs the Phoenix country in the mortal world for months? The Phoenix land are probably in trouble, especially since Jingxiu was terribly wounded when he first arrived.

BUT MEANWHILE, Lin Mo is about to come into Lord Song’s room….while Jiu Chen is out of his body and it is totally unresponsive.

Jiu Chen says, it’s not good if the two of us go, since Phoenix Queen has such a grudge; so get a couple of lower-ranked immortals and have them investigate secretly. Yun Feng says: of course, but now can you help me with my problem? I HAVE ONLY YOU TO RELY ON MY ELDER RESPECTED MARTIAL BROTHER…

But, lol, poor Yun Feng. Jiu Chen has to poof back out to his body before Lin Mo gets too alarmed. And then has to lunge across the room and grab her before she goes for a doctor. He was just sleeping soundly. Sitting up.

Lin Mo says: she has to go to work now if he’s feeling better. And, aw, she’s left him food. Well, then, fare well. (COUGH COUGH COUGH COUGH COUGH). So Lin Mo has to stay and fuss over him and fetch him medicine some more and also fix his clothes, which have some mysterious holes in them. Hey, shouldn’t the disciples be doing that? Oh, she wants to measure him and then make him a whole new set of clothes. LOL, he just manufactured himself some game. They don’t need a ruler! She can just use her hands and eyeball it from that.


Meanwhile, Yun Feng has managed to get to the Emperor. But the Emperor says: there is no way to cancel the decree! But meanwhile, luckily for YF, the monster has just reappeared in the mortal world and is approaching the demon mountain (guarded by Yuan Tong). YF volunteers to go help it. Baishan puts in a good word for him, and he gets the mission.

Qing Yao is walking by and coincidentally overhears Yun Feng briefing the troops. He looks very generally and resolute, at least until he spots her and then drifts off. So the order is: let him deal with the beast and everyone else save their own lives. Qing Yao has gone back and bumps into Yuli, who is going to send off her betrothed when he goes off on a dangerous mission! Very dangerous! And he’s basically her husband, isn’t he, already? So she’s going to go see her husband off lest they never see each other again. (Yuli is totally doing this to make Qing Yao jealous and anxious, isn’t she.)

Yuan Tong is at the mountain. She reports that the monster is definitely present, but daren’t investigate further to find out more than that. Yun Feng heads off–alone. Yuan Tong declines to add help and is going to leave it herself, until she spots Qing Yao fly past overhead.

Off the road thoughts

– There’s nothing quite so disheartening as finding out that your tendency for a hot new hobby is actually genetic.
– Cramming your forty hours of a work week does not actually make the week end sooner.
– Sugar water and a splash of caffeine can work wonders, but only for so long.
– When attempting to smile and wave reassuringly, put the hammer down first.
– When attempting to smile, unclench jaw first.
– There’s nothing quite so heartening as accidentally doing something smart. Savor the feeling, it won’t last long.