Love and Destiny – Ep 41 – CDrama Recap

So we’re back to where we were this morning (last week).

So, Jiu Chen hurt his primordial energy fighting with the monster–and has only the fire essence. And now the boy realizes that he has to be frigging careful, and now he can’t afford to fight anyone until after Ling Xi completes her trials and he can get his heart back.

Looks like his game plan is working out, though: Lin Mo is measuring out the cloth and having intrusive flashbacks. But still resisting having him walk her to work.

But lol, Cultivator and Apprentice are outside and cheerfully greet her as “Teacher’s Wife!” They also offer to escort her to work. She turns them down, too. They were supposed to be fetching breakfast, but breakfast costs money….

Jiu Chen, meanwhile, is snooping in Lin Mo’s room. HAH, Jingxiu’s plant is the vampire plant and he has it guarding the room.

Back in Heaven, Baishan is reporting that Yun Feng actually likes Qing Yao. Yeah, but how’s his health? Well, he was fine, but now that Qing Yao knows what he’s up to…well, aheh.The Emperor wants to make sure he hasn’t wrongly paired two lovers, and orders Qing Yao to be summoned.

Yun Feng, meanwhile, is trying to make amends. Qing Yao throws him out, though…and Yuli is there to pour salt on the wounds by asking him what kind of martial arts move was that, he flew sooooo gracefully there. Yuli’s Fanboy is also there. They warn him that Qing Yao is at the peak of her temper right now, don’t disturb her.

Yun Feng says: I AM A HIGH GOD, AM I AFRAID OF HER? Dude, everybody else is?

So he’s trying to explain that he was just joking, Qing Yao is hissing back that some things aren’t funny, is it funny Yun Feng, are you laughing Yun Feng, am I laughing Yun Feng–and, fortunately for Yun Feng, Lord Baishan walks in to deliver the summons.

QY walks out with just one final glare at YF. He says he’ll wait for her!

QY turns back long enough to state: “If you’re still here when I get back, I’ll break your leg.”
Lord Baishan: eyeroll.
Yun Feng: sits down.
Yuli: Hey….
Yun Feng: Hey,with a broken leg I’ll have an excuse to stay here!

Qing Yao greets the Emperor. So she doesn’t get a private audience, he’s in full state, and starts out by congratulating her for helping with the monster. But does she have any request…?


Really no request? OK, then, how about I put it like this. You’re good friends with Yun Feng and Yuli. What’s your opinion on this marriage?

Now this one gives Qing Yao pause.

But, back at Jingxiu–he’s trying to heal Princess and it’s not working. She’s in really bad shape. But she does wake up (and, aww, both the guys are totally worried about their lil’ Psycho.)–but then passes out again. Jingxiu is moved to extreme, drastic measures. Is he sharing his life with her? Yes–he used his own life power to delay her death. Now, he has a potential cure in his chambers in the Phoenix Palace…but they can’t wait for Orc Commander and Jingxiu personally must go. “Take care of Princess Baoqing!” D’aww.

Meanwhile, Doc Sun is treating some guy who is whining a lot. He’s some kind of local bully and Aunty doesn’t like that they’re helping him. Also, it’s probably not a good idea for a beautiful girl like Lin Mo to be walking around in front of him, because he starts hitting on her immediately. Heh, Doc Sun tells him to knock it off or he’ll tell his father.

Aunty sees Lin Mo off, but she sticks around to buy some cakes….meanwhile the thugs are planning to kidnap and sell her. They split up…but fortunately, Apprentice is in town trying to buy buns for his teacher. He gets distracted, though, and doesn’t follow up closely. So when Lin Mo is cornered and grabbed, he misses it–but finds her packages left behind.

Fortunately, Cultivator is not quite as dumb as his Apprentice, and realizes that Teacher’s Wife must be in danger. They alert Jiu Chen, who poofs out immediately. Dude, is this supposed to be her second trial? Don’t interfere….? But anyway, they have her tied up at the docks and still unconscious. But there’s no boat coming to pick them up…because their boat guy has to wait until his dad falls asleep to steal it. Pwah.

But Jiu Chen poofs in right at the point she starts screaming for help…and he doesn’t need to use his powers to fight these guys. OH WAIT HE DID THOUGH OH NO. He froze them in ice. Did Lin Mo see? She’s kind of woozy.

Also, Jiu Chen really screwed up when he used his powers against mortals, because that’s a no-no, interfering in their fate. (Should have brought Cultivator along to do the hard work.)

Back at home, Lin Mo has gotten to the point of asking what he is….no, I meant, what kind of person. Jiu Chen avoids the question: has he ever harmed her? And he’s sorry it happened. Lin Mo says: ….do I really know you? Is this really you?

Jiu Chen says: Yes. We knew each other from before. Also, today is festival day–men give their women a gift and a blessing. I didn’t have time for a gift, but: peace and happiness.

AND OH DAYUM HE KISSES HER WOOOOO. And then asks for a kiss on the forehead, BOYYYYYY LOOK AT YOUUUU. I mean, wow. It’s been forty-one episodes, and that was the first actual kiss the guy got.

And he’s paying for it, because now his heart is giving him trouble.

Meanwhile, Cultivator and Apprentice are outside, meditating. Also, the peach tree is blossoming, even though it’s past time. These guys and Antler Puppy, lol.

Meanwhile, Yun Feng is pestering Qing Yao. Looks like the marriage got canceled. And he’s trying to get her to admit she did it because she likes him and was jealous….don’t hit me Qing Yao, I’m still not recovered yet…

LOL these two. So Yun Feng goes flying out of the house and lands at Jiu Chen’s feet. “We were, uh, practicing kung fu.” “Since when does Qing Yao do kung fu on your level?” And then she glares at Yun Feng when he tries to come back in, too, and he backs off. LOL.

But, inside: Qing Yao has a pill that will largely heal him–but since he doesn’t have an actual heart, it might not work very well. And if he uses his magic wrongly again, IT WILL KILL HIM, and then Ling Xi will be sad. But Jiu Chen is able to turn around and tease Qing Yao about her new kung fu skills. And also to reassure QY that Ling Xi is doing well. But QY doesn’t have the heart to go and see her sister in pain in the mortal world. How can Jiu Chen stand it, himself?

Also meanwhile: the investigation of the Phoenix tribe is in progress. Yun Feng sticks around to keep trying his luck with Qing Yao.

(It’s still zero).

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