Love and Destiny – ep 42

Jiu Chen is sticking with Lin Mo, because he wants to make sure she doesn’t fall in love with someone and lose them–like Qing Yao did. Oh, and like he did, too.–it made them both be cold and unwilling to love again. He’s willing to bear the pain of watching her be in pain, as long as she’s OK at the end of it. Yeah, dude, but what about inadvertently killing yourself in the process?

Back at home, Jiu Chen suggests a midnight snack. It can’t be that difficult to cook noodles, since he’s seen her do it! (one rather painful cooking scene later, Lin Mo says it was delicious.) But, importantly, is their engagement still valid? YEP. Even though you’re part of a sect? Well, is that a problem? OK, but do you eat?

Jiu Chen says: my special friend once told me that eating makes life much more pleasurable, and without food it’d be boring. Hence, I eat. AWWW, Lin Mo asks him to tell her about his friend. And he even goes off to wash the dishes. What a treasure.


That morning he walks her to work (when she fusses, he just grabs her hand.) And then he adjusts her hair, and promises to pick her up after work. And she waves goodbye. OK, boy’s game was very uncertain, but now he’s definitely got it. Aunty is watching!

Meanwhile, Jiu Chen walks past someone with a magical talisman they just got…from Cultivator, who is selling them, lol. OK, so Jiu Chen freezes time and walks over to him, lectures him a bit on practicing–and gives him an invitation to go see Master QingSong, somewhere else. Cultivator wants to follow Jiu Chen, but he demurs; he doesn’t have time. Master QingSong will help him cultivate and then bring him back once he’s achieved something. Also, this guy is lazy, not really smart, and has poor skills. But he’s the pupil of Jiu Chen, God of War. And he must devote himself to good deeds and pure thoughts and right intentions! Not defrauding people for money, or else Jiu Chen will kill him without mercy!

Aw, I hope these guys show up again some time, because they’re cute.

So meanwhile, the Emperor is getting a report on the trial of someone else. It’s been fifty thousand years, and yet his love trial isn’t over? Si Ming is slipping up!

Meanwhile in Peach Blossom Forest, Plant Fairy is collecting stuff. Shi San and Si Ming show up. Shi San is dressed up as a man, to better help Si Ming with whatever he’s up to right now. Heh, Shi San takes offence when Plant Fairy calls her “bro.”–but has no idea of what to call her instead. W-would “uncle” do? But Junior Fox Bro shows up to defend his girl. And mouth off to the two of them. Junior and Shi San bicker until Si Ming interposes. They are actually there to see Qing Yao.

Si Ming needs her to save a life…LORD FANG!? WHOOPS, his fate was changed after he met Qing Yao, and lovesickness needs a separate cure. DUDE THE GUY WAS MARRIED WITH A KID ON THE WAY! Qing Yao does not need to travel there herself…just needs to give him one item that will sever their connection.

Outside, Junior and Shi San are bonding over insults and wine. They’re about to launch into a full-on drinking contest when Plant Fairy tells them to stop. Oh, to drink the special wine they need her permission, because they use leaves from her plant. And she doesn’t want her Junior Fox to get drunk again. But Shi San has a cunning strategy. She drank one sip….magically…and passes out.


So Qing Yao has to give over the comb she’s been keeping as a memento for fifty thousand years.

Lord Fang, meanwhile, is coughing blood into his hankie. Si Ming poofs in to leave the comb. It magicks back up some memories for him when he touches it–is that all?

Back at the pharmacy, it’s a very hot day. Oh, whoops, those guys are still down at the docks, frozen in place. Obviously, between this and that monster attack, their town has become very unlucky! Lin Mo, however, being a heroine, goes over to inspect the icicles. And that night, is distracted.

Meanwhile at the black hole! Rebel Rebel is getting orders from the demon king. They still haven’t found Ling Xi–and it’s important to find her before she completes her trials in the mortal world. But it’s important to keep a low profile, since Heaven is investigating. It’s best to open the seal at the blood moon first, and then try and fetch Ling Xi back later.

Back at the Phoenix Palace, Rebel has harsh words for both Student and Orc Commander. How come they have not found Ling Xi yet?! Student says: it will be blood moon soon, don’t go too hard on Orc Commander, we still need him. Student isn’t all that big on opening the black hole and unleashing hell on earth, fortunately.

And Orc Commander susses this out. They are starting to have a very nice relationship! Orc Commander says: I heard the Princess was badly injured when she escaped. Pity we don’t know where she is or how it went.

Meanwhile, Si Ming’s palace is being invaded by the military bros. He’s also very nervous–he’s reaaaaaally worried about Qing Yao and also: Yun Feng.

Bro: [swallows wine] [points finger] “You’re dead.” So, howsabout you drink with us for a while and enjoy the time before he gets to you?

On cue, Yun Feng arrives. He wants to know about Jiu Chen and Ling Xi….and it’s really boring without them! Si Ming suggests a stroll. Yun Feng is going to stroll out to Peach Forest….driving Si Ming to desperate measures. Deity Yun Feng will help him if he gets into a bloody disaster, right? They’re friends, right? Basically brothers, right?

Worry not, Si Ming! Yun Feng shall be on your side!
Great! Don’t go to Peach Forest, then.
And then in comes Shi San. But, lol, she doesn’t like Si Ming’s wines. The really best wines are in Peach Blossom Forest…end scene. That was kind of weird.

Meanwhile at the pharmacy, the news is that the families of the thugs have hired a Master who will exorcise the evil spirits. Also, Aunty has anti-evil wine for Lin Mo: drink some, and then pour it around the doors. Lin Mo goes around also collecting a bunch of the talismans…and, hah, throws them in the fire.

Jiu Chen walks up while she’s doing this and finds the wine…which she snatches away. She also takes the talisman that he’s looking at and makes him wash his hands afterwards….oh, lol, she wants to protect him.