Love and Destiny – Ep 43!

So they are sitting out watching the moon that evening. Lin Mo is wondering why Lord Song hasn’t gone back home to see his family for such a long time. He asks if she’s throwing him out again.

The next day, she’s stacking firewood around the frozen guys and about to try and set it alight. Jiu Chen, however, is more upset that she’s forgotten how they treated her. Lin Mo explains: even if he knows martial arts, he’s probably not all that good and can’t stand up against an actual master demon hunter. Poor Jiu Chen, lol. He asks what she wants.

She suggests: they both go home. She misses Mom and Dad, and hopefully at this point Lil Sis misses me enough to not be terrible any more. Jiu Chen says: ridiculous. And he lets the guys go. They immediately start begging him for their lives, but he just takes Lin Mo and goes away.

Meanwhile, in the Phoenix Kingdom, Jingxiu has arrived!

Meanwhile at home, Lin Mo is in a nice new dress and listening in at Jiu Chen’s door. Jiu Chen is inside, hiding behind the door. They both cough politely. LOL. She decides to just leave it. What was that about? I guess it was just to give him a chance to come down and tease her in the kitchen. Which is cute, but rather meaningless.

Oh! She finished making the new clothes for him. And at this point, isn’t even too self-conscious about helping him on with the overcoat and checking the fit, etc. But she does have to go flee afterwards. And, lol, Jiu Chen asks Antler Puppy if he looks good.

Meanwhile, Jingxiu is at his house. And Student is walking around brooding (on Princess and her crush) when he sees the fallen soldiers. He attacks. But he’s no match for State Advisor Jingxiu! DUDE BACK OFF HE’S TRYING TO SAVE YOUR GIRLFRIEND! And more troops arrive, but Jingxiu poofs out (with the medicine). Orc Commander says: Hey, kid, you hurt? No? Good. Well, oh no, he escaped again. Dear me.

Back at home, Lin Mo is doing the household accounts.–they’re going to raise their own chickens and sell them for money. Then she can buy an embroidery frame and make clothes and stuff! Jiu Chen is just happy that she’s happy…still. For now….

Meanwhile at the pharmacy, Aunty and Doc are both wondering what’s up with Lin Mo. She’s really dreamy today. But meanwhile, it’s almost Lin Mo’s birthday–UH OH. She’s only going to live to be a few days past nineteen years old. But she would like a bowl of longevity noodles for her birthday present.

Heh, Antler Puppy likes the chicken coop and thinks it’s his. But he comes out immediately when Jiu Chen calls him. Yep, that’s dogs for you–they know us girls are soft touch but the guys mean business. Hmph. Anyhow, Jiu Chen says: why don’t you take that plant that Brother Jingxiu gave you out for some sun?

And that evening, they’re reading. Or at least, Lin Mo is reading. Jiu Chen is staring at her, because medical books are boring. She says: well then, go to sleep. He says: not sleepy. BTW, do you want to be a doctor?

Of course Lin Mo does–you can make a living and help others. Does he have a problem with this?

Jiu Chen says: of course not. But be aware that plans get disrupted and change.

Lin Mo says: yeah, like the time the Prince was sick and suddenly my whole life changed. But something like that won’t happen again, will it? But what do you want with your life, Lord Song? Be an official? Become a monster-killing master?

Jiu Chen says: I just want to be with you. Remember–you must be strong and good, no matter what happens in the future. Don’t resent, stay sane. And I’ll always be with you and protect you no matter what happens.

He’s moving in for a kiss, too, but she chickens out and runs away….heh, she ran out of the room and it was her room. But dude isn’t leaving without his kiss. LOL, AW.

Outside, meanwhile, Antler Puppy upsets Jingxiu’s plant. Aw, don’t do that!

Meanwhile with our only actually evil character, Yuan Tong is practicing magic in her tent….and then going off to the black hole. The Demon King speaks to her: here at last.–you’ve been the one calling to me for a long time. But he doesn’t want her life…By the way, how does she feel about her demotion? Would she like a promotion?

Yuan Tong says: you’ve got nerve.–trying to enspell a Heavenly General! Yeah, I’m not a general now, but if I kill you…

Demon King says: Even Jiu Chen couldn’t manage that.


Demon King says: Yeah, I’ll still be here when you get back.

Back at the pharmacy: Aunty has more gossip, and a lucky portrait of the Earth God for Lin Mo.

Back at Si Ming’s place, he’s trying to ask someone with a long beard for help/advice. Oh, it’s the guy who’s been there fifty thousand years. And what’s that guy going to do to the person who was supposed to be in charge of his fate when he gets back? Si Ming is WORRIED.

OH LOL, OK, so Jiu Chen just spotted the Earth God portrait in Lin Mo’s house–and the guy having tea with Si Ming just got a cold chill…AHAHAHA LIN MO WANTS HIM TO MAKE AN OFFERING TO THE EARTH GOD WITH HER. Jiu Chen is extremely hesitant…and…

…oh, oops, Lord Fang is the god undergoing a trial–and when he gets back, he and Qing Yao….ohhhhh. Oh yeah, Si Ming is right to be worried.

And then Earth God has, basically, a seizure, because Jiu Chen is praying to him. And the poster falls down. Jiu Chen bundles it off while Lin Mo is wondering how come she didn’t stick it up right.

Meanwhile! Lord Fang is trying to locate Qing Yao in the mortal world again. (DUDE WEREN’T YOU MARRIED?) But her shop is long closed. So he’s remembering their wedding night…which happened to be the first time they’d actually looked at each other (despite meeting multiple times.) OK, come on, this is boring.

Meanwhile, back in the Medicine Palace, Qing Yao is healing the Earth God. He was pretty severely hurt…how? But he doesn’t really know himself. Oh, lol–he recieved blessings that were not his.

OH LORD FANG/Sangnan just passed his trial! Earth God wonders if Qing Yao knows Sangnan? She says, nah, never heard of him–and anyway, how could a guy take fifty thousand years to complete a mortal trial? That’s pitiful. Earth God tries to offer his congratulations regarding her upcoming marriage to Yun Feng, but at this point Qing Yao becomes Scary Qing Yao and he beats a hasty retreat.

Not really fast enough, because Yun Feng is planning to officially propose. His bros think he needs to be very cautious…there have been many who proposed, and anyway, has Qing Yao ever given him any regard?

Yun Feng says: guys, I asked you for help…Si Ming?

Si Ming says: PROPOSE RIGHT NOW I PREDICT THIS MATTER WILL BE SUCCESSFUL IN ONE TRY. (hopefully. Dear gods, please, successfully in one try). [mops brow.]

Also the bros are in favor of making it a bold, decisive match. LOL, he asks Fanboy if he plans to propose to Yuli like that.

Shi San says: why aren’t you asking the only woman in this room? Do you want it to be novel, unforgettable? Choose the location! Also, be solemn, meaningful, ceremonial!–So! Go to Spirit of the Brave Departed Hall, in front of your deceased family. This way, Qing Yao will think of you every time she walks past it!

Yun Feng: Shi San, GO BOIL YOUR HEAD.